Jeb Bush on Paul Ryan's Speech: Medicare Talk an 'Inspiring Choice'

The former Florida governor talks about the second night at Republican National Convention.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Jeb Bush on Paul Ryan's Speech: Medicare Talk an 'Inspiring Choice'
back later. Let's talk to the former florida governor. Jeb bush joins us here. Good to see you, governor. Good morning, george. Paul ryan electrified the crowd last night. But it's a gamble, especially here in florida, to put medicare front and center, isn't it? I thought it was an inspired choice. It immediately allowed the republicans to go offense. Now, the conversation is about the $700 billion-plus, over ten years, that's used to finance the -- talk about that. Those cuts are included in paul ryan's budget. But not to expand entitlement. To protect the trust fund over the long haul. Obama care, you're double-counting. He's claiming credit for making it revenue-neutral. Which is true if you count the cuts. But that accelerates the demise of medicare. That's a good conversation to have here in florida and across the country. Democrats say he reinstates the cuts to finance the tax cuts for the wealthy. We've already had that conversation. And you know, that's a good argument to have for democrats, if they want to take money away from people consistently. It will create this cloud of uncertainty that allows us to have no economic growth, no hope, no optimism. And I think paul ryan and mitt romney have a compelling case that's better. You know, paul ryan last night really laid out a conservative philosophy, as well. You said in a forum here in tampa, this conservative philosophy will prevail if republicans stop acting stupid. What did you mean by that? I'm a huge paul ryan fan. I believe he's the jack kemp conservative that's hopeful and optimistic. Our message needs to be that way. It needs to be aspirational, rather than scolding. And paul ryan is the exact republican I would be advocating it. What are republicans doing that's stupid? Sending a signal about immigrat immigration, that it's only about border control. It's a gateway issue for an emerging voting population in our country, hispanic voters, asian voters. The country's becoming increasingly diverse. Demographics are destiny. If you ignore it, you do it at your peril. Big moment for mitt romney tonight. Rick santorum said romney has to reach down and show more of himself than he's ever been willing to do before. Is that the right advice? It's good advice. This is going to be hard for mitt romney. Where it matters is connecting with other people's concerns. Not like he has to be a new-age kind of guy all of a sudden. He's not going to be that way. It's interesting. Both your father and your brother, in their big moments, did do that. It's a central point for running for president. It connects emotionally. That gives a chance to a people in. You're allowed in. And you can make your case. Governor, it was an emotional moment for your family, i imagine, when they showed that film of your father and your brother and their wives. And it got a great reaction here from the crowd. I know you've said you understand why your brother shouldn't be here, in florida. But is he watching? What did he say to you about the convention? I think he's watching. I know he's interested in it. He cares about this country. But his attitude is, I had a chance. I served. I did my best. It's mitt romney's night. It's his turn. I'll do whatever I can to help him. And strangely enough, it may be better to stay away to provide the most help. You'll be speaking right before your best surprise. Who is your guess on who the big surprise guest is? I don't know. I don't know. But it's cool that there is a surprise at a convention. Hasn't been one of those since 1960. It's been a long time. Governor, take care. To josh and the news.

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{"id":17113571,"title":"Jeb Bush on Paul Ryan's Speech: Medicare Talk an 'Inspiring Choice'","duration":"3:00","description":"The former Florida governor talks about the second night at Republican National Convention.","url":"/GMA/video/jeb-bush-paul-ryans-speech-medicare-talk-inspiring-17113571","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}