Jennie Garth Reveals How She's Bouncing Back From Divorce

The "90210" star tells people magazine about her life after her painful split from her husband.
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennie Garth Reveals How She's Bouncing Back From Divorce
with the celebrity comeback. 90210" star jennie garth thought she would never laugh or love again after a divorce. But he's bouncing back. And amy robach has the story. Reporter: At the age of 40, jennie garth had to reinvent herself personally and professionally. Newly singled with three kids, she's showing she's remarkably resilient in a brand-new interview. Take a look. Looking fabulous at 40, jennie garth is ready for her next chapter. "People" magazine's latest cover girl reveals how she got her life back. And dropped 30 pounds in the process, after her very painful and public divorce. I don't think he's a person i would ever want to talk to. Reporter: We caught up with the former "beverly hills 90210" actress at the "kingdom come" premiere, where she told us how she's getting back in the game. I'm slowly getting my life back. Definitely been a process. I'm still in the process. But every day sort of gets better and better. Reporter: Last march, they made the shocking announcement ey were endingir 11-year marriage. She admits the couple's relationships had been on the On her reality show, "a little bit country," the mom of three shared just how devastating the split was. The part about the kids is the hard part, letting them down. I feel like, I failed them somehow. She could barely get out of bed. And she was focused on being a good mom. That's all the energy she could muster. Reporter: But as she approached her milestone 40th birthday, she decided it was time to move forward. I didn't put blinders on. The pain, I felt it and experienced it and learned from it. Reporter: Not only did garth shed emotional baggage, she also lost weight, thanks to biweekly sessions with a personal trainer and more spencible eati iing habits. Garth regained her girlish figure, looking a lot like her old self-again, in this old navy commercial. Garth says she's focused on loving her children and loving herself. And you can read more about jennie in "people" magazine's latest issue. We hear she may be collaborating more with lukrry on a future project. So, kelly and dillon, back together again. Thanks, amy.

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{"id":17383261,"title":"Jennie Garth Reveals How She's Bouncing Back From Divorce","duration":"3:00","description":"The \"90210\" star tells people magazine about her life after her painful split from her husband.","url":"/GMA/video/jennie-garth-reveals-shes-bouncing-back-divorce-17383261","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}