Jennie Garth's New Ad Plays Off of '90210' Love Triangle

Lara Spencer reports what has people buzzing on the Pop News Heat Index.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Jennie Garth's New Ad Plays Off of '90210' Love Triangle
Okay. -- -- earlier this week we love -- are different and she called Luke Perry. In front of the audience we found out that he -- in -- one of her best friends in real life but back in the day and I don't you know. -- -- -- And back and forth between him and Brandon Wallace -- OK Jason -- when did you he's revisiting that big decision in a commercial for all of maybe others its title of the -- Go back to -- genes is. Why choose of the total -- on Kelly's dramatic choice I've seen. The bad boy in the night -- Back in the day she said I choose me. In -- commercial of course she chooses the genius. -- -- I think that make that decision back in the day just broke me up that eight team of dead -- fewer and fewer very smitten. I love that I know I love and -- -- we don't get what happened at all men figured this out about a season it would not have to and on Melrose Place we would go out on the -- they were on the end of the the establishments would be empty so finally we're like we couldn't beat him as we had to join so we started watching. -- illustrates two for one candidate actually odorless and it happened with sex in the city as well. Because -- a mattress actually but oh my gosh look at what you are. Just gonna say you have amazing powers because I have a sex in the city -- freely. Remember the opening scene in Texas City resting he's territory -- you remember this Josh. Carrey's character gets -- -- -- she's wearing nothing to do -- news. Absolutely one of the most recognizable and iconic pieces of floating in TV history probably worth a fortune if -- -- to be sold -- -- Well now it can be told. That I'm like most. Of the designer clothing to carry warning to two with a total bargain and the costume designer for the show a great Patricia field just revealed she founded. The bottom of -- bargain bucket of leftover -- everything enough -- was five dollars -- he got it right away because she's very fashion forward. They had actually convinced the show's creator Darren Star he did not understand it did not get it and I can't imagine that shows starting any other way so. Thankfully they convince him yeah. -- it off tightly together how you -- your style I just. I mean the passion with which you just deliver that I had no idea. I'm exhausted today. I've won more this and that really excited how -- and fast we have become yesterday. I didn't know that this even existed with the national defense and championships here in New York. -- more blackout goggles to ensure they had no glare on their devices that they went through the rigors of various challenges like reading the words to twinkle twinkle little star. And transcribing a phrase written backwards this by the way at the Olympics is going on yeah I mean honestly. Fifty grant -- -- the -- -- seventeen year old from Wisconsin he won by touching a 140 -- character message with capitalization punctuation all symbols correct. In 39 seconds. -- practice he says. Every day by sending 500 messages to friends to gear up I daresay he could use that time got -- played piano. Body -- read eight books out of gas. -- like look we're all very impressed just enough when your drive now not when you're driving.

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{"id":16970604,"title":"Jennie Garth's New Ad Plays Off of '90210' Love Triangle","duration":"3:00","description":"Lara Spencer reports what has people buzzing on the Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/jennie-garths-ad-plays-off-90210-love-triangle-16970604","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}