Aniston Dishes on New Beau

Actress discusses life changes including an important new career milestone.
4:54 | 02/20/12

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Transcript for Aniston Dishes on New Beau
Jennifer Aniston -- is back on the big screen and a brand new romantic comedy it's called wanderlust I had a great pleasure of catching up with her. Tablet talk we talked about film talked about all the changes in her life including a new boyfriend a new milestone and what could be. A brand new curry -- Our afternoon together began with the present to celebrate -- 43 birthday heard her -- -- -- And also her new film wanderlust in which she and Paul -- to -- the big city. -- -- -- -- -- Complete with lots to love dvd plus not a lot of privacy -- -- -- a month. Two weeks it's an idea one of the most famous women in the world can appreciate. It's a great fantasy and that is not something that would have ever guilty and realized I think about a week. And then you'd be like this is. -- -- -- Has worn off -- door and a shower did tarnish our those little things he said filming wanderlust is one of the most. -- -- -- film experiences you've ever hot. The main thing that was so refreshing for me was. Being in -- still Georgia. Way that you felt the slight weights off of your shoulders of being on guard are looking over your shoulder without over the air who has assault on and then just -- an anonymity was regained and I had a lot of debts we became like this group this -- Of lumber news talk about side than a dozen were together before what was that -- -- teeming with Hopkins -- Just like going back -- would be with an old friend I mean he's just it's the easiest person the most fun -- so. Funny and sweets. And -- head and and you know. It's always fun to work with him I hope we -- there's those coupling is that they have yeah sort of he's just one that I love I -- loved being able to Spencer Tracy. And -- share. -- -- -- -- real life boyfriend Justin -- row co stars in the film revenues fingers around the base unit and when it comes to life together Jen says the reports they met on the set are not true. But nothing can happen on that movie I mean that was sort of that's what that some rumor of maintenance and -- and rumor but nothing happened we weren't just friends and I -- -- for. And -- -- is -- romantic or is he more of the the most cold that ice sheet fishy candidate. Talk to him. I'm trying to warm up but you know I'm hoping. The senate to when things -- -- really that this movie is great yeah he's a great actor. Have a -- where you were invisible approximately. Does not want to I would -- shopping and good museums -- go to movies and would go to dinner Aaron you know everything -- -- Good squeeze and in today. But as it is you don't feel like you can have gotten took place right now we can we know how to maneuver around them you know the more he gives a little self yeah I'm in -- Now -- sad to -- on many a floor board. Just got into his to do documentaries stories from the floor below there's an up next to -- I think next thing that -- with the. Directing has become one of Aniston's passions and only your second time behind the camera issues recently nominated for a director's guild award -- TV documentary five. Alongside Alicia Keys and to -- more. Is directing something the agency yourself moving into more and more -- yeah absolutely have fun conversation that keep getting my agents who -- like. -- please don't treat -- is keeping you working for him and basically I guess until your. An old -- right and can't do anymore but. Yeah I love the biggest difference between being in front of the camera and behind time. -- that actually. It's -- -- prides herself on being in jeans and T shirt kind of gal and her red carpet -- keep it simple. These are volatile at the dress -- Barkley. You told me active Wear -- long tank -- yes I would Wear. Really try to find most of the dresses. Still some sort of like a teacher -- but -- a different material from one thing it does help -- stay grounded as having a good group of girlfriends which includes some famous faces like Courteney Cox news Chelsea handler. Many of its GN -- Oh yeah it's -- man and we used to go to a Mexican restaurant every week. It was great. He seemed like that that girlfriends sank Q and that is that very important to you that aaron's it's very important to me and that's -- but one of the highest compliments. Robin and I are available for next GM now that we -- not out when there. I think she did not also chatted about the upcoming Oscars contradiction as -- she has a few favorites. She's a big -- and street and -- lady and a movie the artist meanwhile her movie wanderlust opens Friday February 24 in theaters everywhere.

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{"id":15750747,"title":"Aniston Dishes on New Beau","duration":"4:54","description":"Actress discusses life changes including an important new career milestone.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-aniston-dishes-wanderlust-beau-15750747","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}