Jennifer Holliday on Whitney Houston's Death

Grammy award winning singer shares her memories of the music icon.
2:47 | 02/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Holliday on Whitney Houston's Death
Jennifer Holliday the Grammy winning singer and Tony winner from dream girls a Jennifer thank you so much for taking time to share your memories of. Whitney with us this morning I know that you've known her since the early days -- Jennifer. Yes he had they -- this morning and your fondest memories right now. Well -- under their raises her warm and kind heart. Eyes he was the friend who you. And he was volunteering to help these -- that gasoline when I had. Don't get my lowest absolutely -- going through -- Probably -- and to help me trying to avoid it it is being -- people -- -- Nevada -- -- -- They did at a birthday party and he he would not a complicated or dark curtain. And one thing about heard that he it notes is not politics or anything like that this -- all about love. -- and I had -- one time we -- an important American the other news reports. And I was sort that -- her and I. He called me is that I don't want to -- and I think it. And oh lead became Eric -- at this -- because I couldn't believe it he Cayard. About my feelings and it was at a time when you get off -- head off popped it right. The street sales won't be back when he -- used -- and yet we're likely you will and he was trying to figure out how she could -- better off. Not like how they wrote on will be on -- at this point but they didn't get it out back then. -- she was singing -- and if this did not comply we. Thirteen. Because I guarantee like that aren't as well I think I am thinking that -- that -- partly because I love so I. -- for our people do such hit song welcome thoughtful person and Jennifer let me ask everybody. A final question I know Jennifer Hudson who you clearly influenced. The word is that she will be singing a tribute to. At the grammys for Whitney Houston what what do you think they should do tonight at the grammys to properly honor Whitney Houston. Well I think that a little bit of all of this is it proper because he is the -- -- And I think that she needed that break apart so I think it's so appropriate that different I think. Would definitely keeping it that he's also -- -- girl who heads an incredible dynamic boarded an authority. And I think that -- -- will be -- very happy about. I would agree with you on that Jennifer Holliday glad that you are doing well. And appreciate you joining us this morning all the best to you you take care bill think --

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{"id":15567135,"title":"Jennifer Holliday on Whitney Houston's Death","duration":"2:47","description":"Grammy award winning singer shares her memories of the music icon.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-holliday-whitney-houstons-death-15567135","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}