Jennifer Lopez Helps Reunite First Loves After 22 Years

Steve McCoyne and Nancy Hamre first met in 1989, but their romance was never really able to blossom.
6:23 | 06/19/14

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Transcript for Jennifer Lopez Helps Reunite First Loves After 22 Years
Jennifer Lopez's new single "First love." Got us thinking about the magic of first love and second chances and Jennifer helped us bring it all together for this couple, Nancy and Steve. ? Nancy was my first love. Probably the most incredible person I've met especially because when I met her I was 19 and she was 17. We met in Phoenix at a party on August 4th of 1989. She was in the kitchen and saw her and fireworks went off and ended up speaking on the back porch of another party for four or five hours. We had the most amazing conversations I had ever had at that point and he was getting ready to board the "Uss enterprise" for six months so we said our good-byes and starting writing. We exchanged more than 200 letters back and forth during that six-month period. Reporter: But Nancy was still in high school in Oregon. Steve on the east coast. The distance was really hard for us as kids and so I decided I wanted to date somebody at my high school. So I had to send him a letter which was awful. Reporter: A decade passed where they lost touch. Steve ended up getting married. Nancy was engaged and had a son. And then social media came into the picture. Reporter: They reconnected first on myspace and picked up on Facebook. His Facebook status was always been in a relationship so I thought -- I didn't think he was single but on Valentine's day he posts a beautiful poem on my page. Reporter: The stars finally seemed to be aligned. To give first love a second chance. We logged in the last four months over 200 hours of phone time, over 4,000 texts. It's just been incredible. Reporter: They plan to meet up this fall but after waiting 22 years Steve wanted to speed up that timetable and we knew just the person to make it happen. How are you? I'm good. ? First love ? Reporter: Jennifer Lopez, she even has a new single called "First love." Well, you know, "Gma" and I want to help you guys reunite in person, so, you know, maybe this week in New York? Right. Yeah, that would be wonderful, Jennifer. Are you into that? Absolutely. Is that scary a little bit? Not -- talking to you is probably more scary than talking to her. Reporter: We told Nancy we wanted to interview her about the story but she has no idea who is about to come knocking. Ready, Steve? Yes, I am. Okay. Nervous. A little more excited than nervous. Okay, good. That's a good thing. Hi, Nancy. How are you? My goodness. I'm Jennifer. Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm shaking. Don't shake. You're sweet. Oh, my gosh. You're so pretty. Come on in. Thank you. Thank you. This is exciting. This is exciting. You look great. Thank you very much. I don't know if you know this but I have a new song out. Yeah. Called "First love." Yes, I have heard. Yes, well, you've been trying to reconnect with your first love for awhile. I have. Well -- that you hi is the big kind of thing that's happening right now, but actually we have another surprise for you. Oh. ? Until you came back ? ? Were you totally surprised? Yes. You guys look really happy to be with each other. I feel like I should go. Reporter: Next stop a romantic dinner in New York City. First love, a second chance. A story 22 years in the making. To love. ? Oh oh oh first love because if you were first there would have been no second love ? How magical is that? The lucky couple joins us right now. Come on in, Nancy and Steve. How are you? Oh. Pulling out her chair for her. Love it. Wow, so I guess it went okay. It went great. It sure did. Absolutely, absolutely amazing. Holding hands like that. Were you more surprised about Jennifer Lopez being there or seeing Steve pretty much earlier than you were supposed to? Oh, gosh, that's a horrible question because -- he had to walk in after Jennifer. After the shock. But I was -- gosh, I was so surprised to see him too. That was amazing. And, Steve, talk about how this came together because we saw you there Skyping with Jennifer Lopez. That had to have been an out-of-body experience. My sister sandy Bennett sent the story in to the producers and set it up by setting up a Skype and it was J. Lo's idea to do the surprise. I was on board immediately and fantastic opportunity. I thought we had a remarkable story. What a way to put an exclamation point on it. Look at the two of you. Can't keep your hands off her. 22 years. 22 years. What surprised you about each other? Well, seeing him in real life, he's so handsome. Ah. Yeah. Go ahead. Your turn. Well, what surprised me the most is how all the qualities that originally endeared me to her are still present. They're just more refined and obviously we're more mature now and hopefully we won't have to go another 22 years now. I think that would be impossible. The way that you were able to keep each other in your hearts. Right. For those 22 years is so beautiful. Thank you. So what happens next? We have plans to meet several more types throughout this year. My sister is getting married in January on a cruise so we'll attend that together and she'll finish up school in the next year and hopefully we'll see where it goes. Well, she arranged to have you guys have a free shopping free at Kohl's who is our sponsor and they carry her clothing and accessories. I can already see you in that,

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{"id":24208473,"title":"Jennifer Lopez Helps Reunite First Loves After 22 Years","duration":"6:23","description":"Steve McCoyne and Nancy Hamre first met in 1989, but their romance was never really able to blossom.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lopez-helps-reunite-loves-22-years-24208473","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}