J-Lo, Anthony Bring ABC Behind Scenes of New Show

Chris Connelly goes behind the scenes with the two popular singers.
2:45 | 03/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for J-Lo, Anthony Bring ABC Behind Scenes of New Show
Jennifer Lopez generating all kinds of buzz these days everywhere she goes. And as she's pushing the -- open public ABC's Chris Connolly goes behind the scenes from. I'm your new show to see how they're making it work and making sparks fly. -- athletic supporter Jennifer Lopez looks ready to go. And these new images for movie magazines. That are making split sequel to her Oscar look. -- a different meaning to the phrase put him up here the nominees for achievement and customs act. Twinkle twinkle mega star did George Crisco woods bidding to Fuller an American Idol dude called out the -- Either way it was -- -- would -- protections. That no one wanted to leave behind. Least of all 24 year old boyfriend cast for Smart. -- acquired the 42 year old -- to an after party in another what this whole thing ensembles. Now it's off the carpet and into the conference room for. Tiny baby and is it is it and music at its heart is flat out what is the important question and let an annual lease. Home he's been talking that music very thing. Angle this it's a great opportunity to watch these accidents that got us each other line is that music -- contact. -- I might have been too much back and worked for a typical busted up showbiz couple of his Marc Anthony explained last month it's all good. To go through that kind of situation to be back working with someone you've been. Very intimate with and now you're different situations looks for the emotions until it was -- that difficult for me and we have a special relationship and. A relationship that will have forever. -- it was never having him -- and noble extremely professional yet. Not so coldly professional but he can't -- a warm soothing him. Mother of their three year old twins is feeling family style -- motion. -- -- -- -- Corder and her repeatedly -- She hadn't she flew to live error in the they -- But it's still TV so with these two and view the mood can swing from TO to dios me ego always -- each other laugh. Was you know. Don't take things too seriously just Phillies busting each other shops don't -- accident -- war. Then there was even I don't know -- Listen shorthand it's how we started with something this comes very very natural. Good Morning America Chris Dunn who ABC news Los Angeles. And KV they airs on Univision tomorrow night.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Chris Connelly goes behind the scenes with the two popular singers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15832341","title":"J-Lo, Anthony Bring ABC Behind Scenes of New Show","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lopez-marc-anthony-bring-abc-scenes-reality-15832341"}