J-Lo, Mark Anthony Resume Project Despite Split

Former Hollywood power-couple continues producing new reality show, "Que Viva."
2:02 | 02/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for J-Lo, Mark Anthony Resume Project Despite Split
Latest on. They may be getting divorced but that hasn't put the brakes on the power couple's new reality show -- Veba. And ABC's Andrea canning gives us a first look behind the scenes. It's the new reality talent show that has people buzzing complete with song and dance and superstar hosts. The former power counsel Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are working together living apart and still friends and -- to -- into the minds. The blue yeah -- who was one chapter whom he had just -- There's plenty of -- -- between them and on their new show KV mark and Jennifer show how they've managed to work through it together. Earlier this week -- -- visited live with Kelly and spoke candidly about her relationship with their act. On this news show you're working with your ex yeah so is that it -- an awkward for me to ask let alone how off -- -- it is. Yeah. The question don't believe is that it is it a tough question it's -- it's an -- question we get along good we worked together before work together now it's all -- It is good yeah it's not awkward. It's awkward moment yes you know to be quite honest who. -- show reveals it's not always easy beautiful and I -- Green that was assault. And sometimes fireworks erupt around choosing the talents. -- -- -- -- -- It was so we've done it's my girls who don't know I'm yeah. I -- -- keep the integrity and has done together and then aren't. -- stuff. Like -- -- really exultant. Exhibit signs and they've professional home for Good Morning America Andrea canning ABC news new York and KV -- Saturday nights on Univision.

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{"id":15505559,"title":"J-Lo, Mark Anthony Resume Project Despite Split","duration":"2:02","description":"Former Hollywood power-couple continues producing new reality show, \"Que Viva.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lopez-mark-anthony-resume-project-divorce-15505559","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}