Jennifer Lopez Hypes New Album 'A.K.A.'

Pop star discusses her latest music and writing her book during an interview at the "GMA" Summer Concert Series in Central Park.
3:27 | 06/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Lopez Hypes New Album 'A.K.A.'
We are here with superstar Jennifer Lopez. Hi, everybody. Aka J. Lo, aka jenny from the block, aka her tenth album. You just got back from performing the official song at the world cup. What was that like. Oh, my god, it was so crazy. It's electric inside that stadium on opening day. They cannot wait and it was just an amazing performance doing it with pitbull who's like my brother. I don't know we were just like two little kids. It was awesome. It was incredible to watch. You said this album is about you learning how to become smarter in love. Right? I like to think I've gotten a little smart sfwler does the message mean more to you thousand that you're newly single? You know, every -- We've got some people who are interested just to let you know. The message of the album is definitely about strength, for sure. And growing up and learning things and getting better and better with each experience. And I know that your twins are 6 now. I know. They're getting so big. And they're still traveling with you. What's it like? Balancing all of this and a book that's coming out, I hear. Right. Look, I'm like, um -- What did I do this year? I'm a little tired. I don't know how you do this every morning. It is like -- they're open like -- up at 3:00 in the morning. It's never easy. It's awesome to bring you this show. Yeah, the kids are growing up. It's always a juggling act every working mom out there knows what it's like. You know, you put your kids first and everything kind of falls in line behind that and do the best you can? Yep. You know, this book that you're writing, you wrote all of this in the middle of a lot that was going on, you had an eight-year marriage that actually just officially ended this week? Right. You write about -- what was that process writing about very deeply permanent things. It was a very vulnerable thing to do. I didn't start out trying to write anything about specifically my life. It was supposed to be a book about the tour, the year I went on tour and as I started talking about putting the show together I realized how tied into my music and art, how it ties into what is going on and as I talked about it it turned into a different kind of book but -- It's called "Scared of it" but I'm proud of it at the same time too. I would have wanted somebody to tell me some of the things I learned at this point when I was growing up. And let me -- is there anything you said I can't put that in there? Did you just put it all out? I'm pretty honest. I think, you know, in show business you're always putting your best food forward. You're there to entertain. They don't want 0 know what's going on behind the scenes. Oh, they want to know. It's not what it's about. When I come out here I want to make them sing, I want to make them smile and dance and happy. That's my job. I think you're doing it. I want to make them jump. You know what, you made all of us get a little weepy and very nostalgic about first love. Because you connected two people. Oh, yes. Right there. Who are in our front row. You met them earlier, Steve and Nancy. Hi, Steve, hi, Nancy. What was that experience like? I mean it's awesome. This song "First love" is like every song is a very personal song and it gets you thinking about wishing you met somebody years before and their story actually is kind of like that. They met and now they've reconnected and, you know, this song is perfect for them. This one I'll sing for them today. You're serenade them right

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{"id":24228429,"title":"Jennifer Lopez Hypes New Album 'A.K.A.'","duration":"3:27","description":"Pop star discusses her latest music and writing her book during an interview at the \"GMA\" Summer Concert Series in Central Park. ","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lopez-pop-star-hypes-album-aka-book-24228429","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}