Jenny McCarthy on Vaccines: ‘I’m Certainly Not Against Them’

"The View" co-host and New York Times bestselling author talks about her latest book, "Stirring the Pot."
4:53 | 05/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jenny McCarthy on Vaccines: ‘I’m Certainly Not Against Them’
Jenny Mccarthy, co-host of "The view," and best-selling author. She has a new book called "Stirring the pot." D she talks about having so much more including headlines that you've been making. Good morning, jenny. Good morning, to you. And you wrongly branded as anti-vaccine. For those who haven't read this, where did this perception come from? I think people not doing their own critical thinking. I think people should do this own thing. Everything I believe in is in that piece. In that piece, you talk about the act that many people think in black and white. But you're not the way that operates like that. You're a gray thinker. Everyone asking questions. But I'm not against them. "Stirring the pot," it's something you believe in. I love life as a recipe. And I thought ingredients make the perfect feel. Wouldn't it be great to get ingredients to get what you want out of life. My career and love life, and health and criticism. The reason I'm able to be here now and be happy because I followed these simple rules. And I put them together in a book, that's also humorous. But really has great tools on how to get what you want out of life. How is the recipe -- the recipe is the universe I look at like a water or pwaitress. As soon as you get specific, it's like the dreams come true. And another one I talk about, is fear. A lot of girlfriend are scared to get out of relationships. Scared to move to another job. Once you face your fear and run towards it, instead of moving away from it, imagine the things I want to move forward. You weren't afraid to run toward Donnie Wahlberg. Thank you very much. Talk about putting something out there. I did a year. And I did the waiter thing to the universe. And I said this is what I want in a man. And there he came. And it's true. Everything that's happened to me this year has really been off of the tools I've used over all these self-help books and I put into the inspiring book. You're almost through with your first year on "The view." I know. You said you love it. And the wonderful Barbara Walters. Can I tell you the greatest thing ever. I said, Barbara, I'm stealing all of your gets. How do you get someone to answer a question that doesn't want to answer it? And she said, you haven't answered my question yet. But "The view" is another thing I put on that wish list and said, I deserve this in my life. And I hope people take away from this book. And you are in charge of your own destiny. What a gift to have Barbara Walters. Right? To have her as a big sister. A mentor. I have been making notes. I'm going to miss her. I will be the first one with waterworks. We wouldn't be here, unless it was for people like her. I have to get to a question that has been pouring in. Kristen asks, were you a new kids on the black fan before you met Donnie. My sister was into them. But he's on tour in Europe. And I miss him very much. Congratulations on your wedding. On "The view" and your book. You can catch jenny weekdays on "The view." Right now, we're going out to

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{"id":23620315,"title":"Jenny McCarthy on Vaccines: ‘I’m Certainly Not Against Them’","duration":"4:53","description":"\"The View\" co-host and New York Times bestselling author talks about her latest book, \"Stirring the Pot.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jenny-mccarthy-reveals-secrets-living-life-dreams-23620315","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}