Jeremy Lin Gives His First Sit-Down Interview

NY Knicks star talks with "ESPN's" Rachel Nichols about his new found fame.
1:36 | 02/19/12

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Transcript for Jeremy Lin Gives His First Sit-Down Interview
The exclusive interview with the man at the center of the biggest story in sports is name is Jeremy -- He's the seemingly out of nowhere overnight -- -- the New York -- the man who launched a thousand bad puns like. -- insanity and Melinda were Alice sorry Rachel -- Because of our sister network ESPN's scored the big interview -- -- is live this morning. From Madison Square Garden -- good morning to you. Good morning Dan you know this is such a great underdog story in so many ways. Jeremy went to Harvard but just not exactly basketball factory he was undrafted he was cut by two other teams before the knicks picked him up and even the knicks admit they almost cut him before they put amount on the floor really in desperation just to see what he can do. Since then everything has just exploded for Jeremy -- keep -- in ways he never could have imagined. Melissa first time that you realized -- -- isn't just one day on the back in the newspaper that -- I think this is -- thing this is a phenomenon. For artists are under realize that may be. Five days into it every so I'm going to -- -- in this and then insist. -- a little overwhelming. Also like the first time -- walking around and you see someone wearing your name on a teacher on their -- I was sucked has actually been you know they made my Jersey. I didn't know that they -- death fast and so and I -- -- They had. Look three times says they did -- customize that are room in this couple other ones in the it's OK I think they must have made him -- -- something. But -- this is extended to everyone you're 85 year old grandmother is back in Taiwan. She's getting stalked by paparazzi. Just like the Britney Spears that I want. In that's I think that's crazy I've learned that its social media in the end it's. You know our private lives are not so private anymore and so it takes the bidding duties -- -- weirdest paparazzi. That stuff about me dating. You know Kim Kardashian now mean I have no idea where that came from and all -- other rumors that you think the -- Washington. Not think if and I don't think notes that -- The American athletes have to deal. It's funny if you words still saying oh he's you know quicker than he looks and -- like what does that mean self. Do I looked slow where four I'm not really sure what that means and so people always saying he's deceptively quick deceptively athletic. I don't know if that's just because enemies in there or what it is good obviously there's going to be stereotypes -- -- fight. But it I think it's you know again it's it's unique it's different platform and -- something that -- and and he I -- -- represented -- -- role model for these American and Asian community what's your indulgence what was your thing. When you get home and -- -- on church and you're not playing games and you're not working. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would just I would play video games with my Brothers -- -- 23 -- on his. My my family's economy and oversize kids. I think that's pretty accurate in some ways. Jeremy is also a pioneer he's the first American -- Chinese or Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA. You know he told me that back when he was a -- -- Kenya's Brothers used to play in the backyard and they pretend to be Michael Jordan. -- this afternoon there are kids in backyards all around the country -- -- going to be pretending to be Jeremy -- I'm sure -- -- picking up from their original great interview he seems like a really cool guy doesn't -- he -- gonna happen with Kim Kardashian enough. But thanks again for that great interview.

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{"id":15745505,"title":"Jeremy Lin Gives His First Sit-Down Interview","duration":"1:36","description":"NY Knicks star talks with \"ESPN's\" Rachel Nichols about his new found fame. ","url":"/GMA/video/jeremy-lin-sit-interview-15745505","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}