Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz on 'The Bourne Legacy'

The stars of the much-anticipated action film discuss the newest "Bourne" adventure.
4:23 | 07/30/12

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Transcript for Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz on 'The Bourne Legacy'
Well, the newest bourne adventure hits theaters august 10th. "The bourne legacy" takes things to a whole new level. Joining us now, two of its stars, rachel weisz and jeremy renner. Federal, thank you for getting up with us. Skr jeremy, right out of the gate, you're not taking the reins of matt damon. You're playing aaron cross. Not jason bourne. Aaron cross. But tony and the creators were able to pull pack on the lens and see a lot more going on that we initially thought. This is happening against a tapestry to a degree of the third film. We're checking in where the series left off? If you know ultimateum or not, you'll see it in the back ground. It's a parallel universe that coexists together. Part of the dynamic was jason bourne's quest to figure out who he was. Both of your characters, to a degree, are aware of what is going on. You liked your character in part because she complicit, but not completely in what is happening. I would say my character is in a conundrum. We both work for the government. I'm a scientist. You're an agent. We're working on different sides of things. Neither of us know the pull chick chur of what're doing. We're following orders. The morality of what my character is doing is tudub dubious, it's interesting. Take a look. Is that your name? James? No. What? You don't know my name? What do you call me? What do you put on my bloodwork? Five. Five. The number five? You know how many times we have met. 13. 13 exam over the last four years. That's what I get. I'm number, number five. And away you both go. And really, you make your way to manila, one of the great scenes in the movie on the bike. I know you're an experienced motorcycle rider. What was that li I think if I thought about it, I probably would have left the country. But, you know, it's the -- it's chaotic and beautiful there. But, you know, a third world country. Wet roads, drafl, oil. And rachel on the back. Probably a bad idea. We did it. Rachel, what was it like on the back? Jeremy only told me a week ago that for him that was the scariest stunt he had to do. Because he was responsible for my life. If I had smelled fear on him, i would never have gone on the back of the bike. I had to -- I had to trust -- entrust my life to his driving skills. A terrible responsibility to have by the way. It is. Like 90% of your own stunts. Was that something personally that drew you to this? Like, 99.9, I would say. Pretty much all of them. It's not what drew me to it. It's what is required for that style of movie. It's authenticity. It's what the fans expect, i think. Authenticity. It's the actors doing the stunts. There's a level of realism. We're not playing superheroes. It's fun. Fantastic. When to you get a chance to do that? Jeremy renner, rachel weisz, "the bourne legacy."

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{"id":16886247,"title":"Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz on 'The Bourne Legacy'","duration":"4:23","description":"The stars of the much-anticipated action film discuss the newest \"Bourne\" adventure.","url":"/GMA/video/jeremy-renner-rachel-weisz-bourne-legacy-16886247","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}