Jerome Bettis on Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

The football player is helping to launch the Severe Allergy and Anaphylaxis Playbook.
6:41 | 05/16/13

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Transcript for Jerome Bettis on Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
We have a very special guest with us today. One of the one of the highway is a writer Sports Illustrated cover the NFL for years in the but he has -- before I got here and -- demand would -- notebook after notebook after notebook. Steeler nation you're gonna be very happy and for. The five LA rams fans out there as well you'll be equally as happy to Rome and. -- didn't yeah. So I admit -- where this is that we have it right there that that yellow and blue it's always going to be degree comes a moment needs all the greatest -- of all time but here's a little bit of a black from the golden and everybody. The guys have to look at. I'm representing -- here is certain -- -- drunk. How are you Howard Howard Howard things for a super ball champion these days everything is going well I was looking better -- early -- Arab it's so fun look at. Well this is yeah -- it's just a little uncomfortable actually is that. Airport security without exactly -- -- is always a topic of conversation so -- -- -- -- did get somewhere I put in my pocket began. It was not be year old doing it once mighty poisonings can -- be very careful -- -- off. It's going to be so isn't. But it's not like is that he's the -- -- comes out minivan. Let's just another guy named Dennis. It's it's not going anywhere -- home even. Coleman's answer this and the brilliantly honestly if you -- always tell us to the kids looking for autographs and Super Bowl week. If you want the greatest football -- of the greatest photographs ever go to the delta terminal. On the Sunday morning yes I'm Super Bowl weekend -- all the players are in town Klein home for the game everybody flying to Atlanta I'm telling states like can't rolls up to the delta terminal at. -- -- it is this is actually something you're here to talk about today and something we've been talking about. -- severe. Allergy season a for the first time in my life. I am suffering allergies -- -- and this I'm like you people actually live with us this is god awful so what are you you're you're here today you can help -- May is asthma and allergy awareness month and -- -- Larry yet. And so it's -- this is a big big issue big topic and I'm here because. Teamed up with -- fees and years introducing this kind of from -- playbook and basically it's a lot of tips and educational information. For people that that. Are suffering from allergic reactions to different types of things. I'm allergic shellfish. And so it's it's it's telling you some things -- some tips giving you tips and advice of thing to do and how -- kind of formulated my five tips so to speak -- MI five tips is the other one is avoiding. You know my outages and making sure that -- -- conscious -- what I'm putting the in my body. The second -- is. Making sure that I keep my device would -- not I have it with me here now. I'll -- show it and this is the actual live device but this is the trainer and and this is that the device trying with -- and so that's number -- came to my device with me. Number three. Is really sharing an action plan and so I'm going to -- -- my wife she knows where -- the biceps -- he's -- some talk to the to the the shelf making sure that. Yeah that's very important to figure out exactly -- -- We -- I love this I don't know some asking the question is that -- that replace like an epi -- this this is your medication in case you would have analogy somebody with a W lifesaving. Yes this is that this is an open after an -- -- -- -- and what it does is. The unique thing about this is it has audio and visual cues so when output out for a actually starts talking -- There are pulled out as if I was going to you this chaps. -- You put an. Clue. How they're doing it amazing that's amazing I didn't and it's. Because your panic -- -- actually going -- an allergic reaction especially if it's a child and peanut allergies are rampant in this Nash and so when you see a child who can't breathe and even though you know that something's going on that is genius my friend. -- WASL early because. As a caregiver you nervous that we are packed yeah being silly talk -- do the process and so that's my number three -- that's number. An opportunity always had a but it always evident that there had three -- is haven't actually shared with the wife here with the ship -- with if anybody who is gonna do you. Contact with your full are there and know before is is practiced making sure that -- I understand is that when you -- -- in that moment. You're nervous you have to it's very scary have to be so you want -- practice with the you know my wife she understands it an event that I can't use it on myself. She understands how to use it. The last thing is after if I do have -- admit -- need to use it. Gold. And seek emergency help because this is not -- -- down at a store where this exactly it gets me there it's -- process. I'd -- very quickly you're former teammate Hines Ward -- vault champ Dallas -- for the next great dancer Jamie. You've got come on you -- and don't -- you -- in whole problem is thought about it but the problem is physically. Just can't do. This I mean what it takes to be what you -- And same month and a half now player you're saying you're not physically -- dancing in the problem was how bad -- After thirteen years political Barley and -- chased brown likes -- -- all these guys down and so. It's been really busy -- -- -- and outlook on the show -- highs only to practice and also how much it was. That act could not believe. The the intensity in which they practiced -- -- he also is a true athlete yes eyes on the prize he won. He wanted to we have that did -- with a start contractor ready for use. Not let my -- here report on army television for you know it just. Your name on the paper makes it easy -- yet he was he may be allergic to shellfish but he is not allergic to not shows he is not allergic to stay so I have been. Too many of them with him in the great city of Pittsburgh -- filled notebooks from me. It is great to see it is fantastic season Islamabad.

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{"id":19193217,"title":"Jerome Bettis on Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month","duration":"6:41","description":"The football player is helping to launch the Severe Allergy and Anaphylaxis Playbook.","url":"/GMA/video/jerome-bettis-asthma-allergy-awareness-month-19193217","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}