Jerry Sandusky Speaks Out on Camera

Disgraced coach answers questions about the alleged molestation accusations.
5:59 | 12/03/11

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Transcript for Jerry Sandusky Speaks Out on Camera
Jerry sandusky the man at the heart of the Penn State's sex abuse debacle going on camera for his first extensive interview he spoke Atlanta. To New York Times and the reporters there videotaped. The whole thing. You allegations are false I didn't. Do those things. -- For the first time Jerry -- dusty answering the tough questions on camera. Once the legendary head coach Joseph Paterno was told about the allegations against his former defensive coach what did he say to send us -- about it. I don't know that he didn't know. I know that he did -- never said anything to me and of that. What did send -- say when he was first confronted by a Penn State official about that incident where young assistant coach Mike McCrary. Claimed to have seen him rate being a boy in the -- showers. -- I told him henin who didn't have them. And you know there wasn't in my mind there was an inappropriate behavior. And remember send -- he's infamous answer to this question are you sexually attracted to young boys to underage boys. The most sexually attractive -- stage -- Sexually attracted you know behind the eyes -- young people. -- does he now says Davis. I'm sitting there sentinel. The world is this question you know what -- what you know. You know -- going to be if I say. No I'm not attracted was. That's not the truth because. I'm attracted to young people boys girls. -- -- Right most likely send -- lawyer shouting in the background. I enjoy that's that's what those -- and enjoys spending time with the young people I enjoy spending time with people. Throughout the interview send us he defends his decades of work with children including -- showering sharing beds and blowing on -- stomachs. And send us he seems distraught about what has now happened to his life. -- -- coaching. Let's check all second it is as relationship should all kinds of people on this grandkids. Cochran -- wellness will miss my dog. So really -- is. -- can be. So how is this interview going to play in both the court of -- Public opinion also in a court of law let's go to ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack Roger thank you for joining us this morning we appreciate it. I think it. The question a lot of people are asking this morning is why is Jerry sandusky granting these interviews. And why is he's a lawyer allowing it to happen is this helpful for him at all. You know when I first does saw the first interview and then this morning you -- the first thing that comes to my mind is why would you do something like this the first rule of a criminal defense origin never let your -- speak to the U. Police sort of the press and the reason for that is is because anything he says. Can be used against him in a court of law and even -- -- does he would choose at a trial never to testify. These statements can be used -- introduced to the jury and he has made some admissions that can be didn't come back to haunt him. The notion that he was -- these boys that he was with the shot in the shower with the boys that perhaps he blew on their stomach perhaps they were in his hotel room. Of those are all the kinds of things that the prosecution has to prove. And he's now admitted that they happened and it becomes a shorter leap of faith I think for the jury to then take that next step while. Well if he was doing all of those things perhaps he was doing the things he's accused of. Now it -- -- had his argument is I admit those things happen but they're being taken out of context and twisted it put in a sinister light. Is is it a viable of the defense given the number of victims who have come forward. To say it was all a big misunderstanding. Well that's a viable defense -- -- look at. You know it's clear now that what this case has come down to is going to be -- -- he said vs what the young boys say and we can only assume that the grand jury heard testimony from the accusers. Who said that he -- a lot more than what he's admitting now what kind of corroboration do you have while he's now given them. Some kind of corroboration -- that he's -- said OK I was along with them that I was -- with them and what some people would consider to be inappropriate. Settings but at the end of the day I mean this is going to be. Can the prosecution build their case beyond a reasonable doubt you know there's always this sort of uncomfortable -- about cases like this. Because the accusations are -- horrible they're the worst you can think -- that you -- yourself -- is as a kindly old man who was trying to do the right thing it was just kidding around with kids and doesn't quite get what he's not supposed to do. Or is this a monster. And I think what the what they're trying to do obviously here is to pay -- and say look look at him. This isn't the monster that you think it is you know that it's a risky. It's a risky prop. I'm unclear whether it worked for Roger win their remaining few seconds we have a -- quickly ask you about Joseph Paterno I think one of the headlines out of this. Is him saying that Joseph Paterno who had known him for years Wright didn't say anything tell him about these allegations that we now know Paterno knew something about. How damaging is that for Joseph Paterno not only reputation -- but also if there's a civil lawsuit filed. Well it becomes the whole point of this is is that is the civil lawsuit at least is that Paterno Penn State and everybody that was involved. Had knowledge and should have done something to stop there should have kept this guy off the school grounds should have -- in the way from the team all of those cards to think so it does become damage there. Roger Cossack BE SPN legal analyst we very much appreciate you coming in this morning it sure does thank you very much mark butcher.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"Disgraced coach answers questions about the alleged molestation accusations. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15078655","title":"Jerry Sandusky Speaks Out on Camera","url":"/GMA/video/jerry-sandusky-speaks-camera-15078655"}