Will Sandusky's 'Horsing Around' Defense Work?

Former Penn State coach says he did not commit crimes while showering with boys.
1:59 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Will Sandusky's 'Horsing Around' Defense Work?
Let's bring in our legal analyst. -- -- Arlene Miller start. I don't know what he was doing do and considered him -- I was sort of sworn thinking how could it hurt him and then I listened to the interview and I had my answer. I watched the interview and I thought to myself oh that's how it hurts him. And -- he pauses on answers about whether he sexually attracted to young Boyce -- it I would hope. That he insisted on doing this interview and that his lawyer didn't say to him hey I think this is a good idea. Would you insist under the interview and then not be average if you wanna say I didn't do it you'd be no no way to keep posits he hesitates he admits to showering. With young -- -- have no this is this is not helpful to him at all. That that the people probably most pleased about this the Penn State officials who finally get something of a reprieve in terms of the attention being focused on them all the time about not reporting. From now from the public perception point of view there's someone else to focus on but. I can't give an explanation for why he would have done this and certainly why he's lawyer would have allowed him to do and they -- a lawyer with -- Talking as well that's right -- look at that's a slightly different from his lawyer though is making up with a point that you need to evaluate each of the allegation separately and once you do you will see. That they are false the problem is when you look at them to guess -- They are so consistent. The type of grooming the type of activity etc. so. While his lawyer would love for the -- and this is what they'll do if this goes to trial and say you need to evaluate each and every one of these -- that's true when you look at them together. It's very difficult to explain why -- went to a grand jury in private each and every one of these instances seems so consistent. And it's not just these young victims and and bless them from -- for coming forward. You have an adult you have an assistant coach. Who said he saw him well in the south and you have -- during your wrestling coach he give others who -- -- things which were the very least inappropriate. So he's got a lot of problems here I don't know how going public help this case all right -- thank you very much.

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{"id":14954426,"title":"Will Sandusky's 'Horsing Around' Defense Work?","duration":"1:59","description":"Former Penn State coach says he did not commit crimes while showering with boys.","url":"/GMA/video/jerry-sanduskys-horsing-defense-work-penn-state-sex-14954426","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}