Sandusky's Lawyer: 'Going to Fight to the End'

Former Penn State coach's attorney Joe Amendola talks to George Stephanopoulos.
3:47 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Sandusky's Lawyer: 'Going to Fight to the End'
Race and ask his attorney Joseph -- joins us now good morning mr. Amendola thanks for joining us. This warning it does appear that that the hurdles for mr. send us here quite high you've got. Ten alleged victims here eight accuse him of having sex. -- them if prefer him to win this case he's connected to show that all of them are -- George I've expressed my opinion in this case in tried to analogy guys it's -- climbing on -- from the bottom of the hill. You know Jerry sandusky was condemned by the media and by the public that they these charges are filed -- we've been fighting an uphill battle -- and a monumental battle but. We're taking one case of the time -- ten cases pending right now. We look at each one individually and we feel we have a defense all of them so it sounds like you're saying that these alleged victims or for some tough cross examination. That tried and were prepared to do that at trial when we can -- your credibility which we could not have done yesterday. What we can ask them some hard questions about the relationships over the years including. The relationship with Jerry sandusky and his wife -- If you're of these alleged terrific offense occurred we saw bodies and asking the court yesterday she is alleged by -- -- who have -- in the house. When some of this was going on in and even hearing her screams. Let's go into her mind. She was irate over that accusation. Donny seeing husky when she heard -- accusation last Wednesday afternoon when the attorney general's office scored a jury out out of his home. In handcuffs even though he offered to turn himself in voluntarily. Many many times. She said show that never happened I have excellent hearing if I ever heard a child screaming my home I would have -- to his assistance and even if I saw my husband doing something inappropriate she said I would've attacked him and certainly put a stop to what she said that never occurred. The other thing it did -- an overnight said George was that he was forced to stay in the face when he was spent in the basement he was not allowed upstairs. -- -- -- sandusky said that never happened she said. The kids -- came girl whom were treated like their own kids and you may recall that this sandusky adopted six children and raise them. And all of those children or of 100% behind cherry and none of them ever read an estimated that Jerry did anything inappropriate. They find it absolutely incredible that these other kids have made these accusations that his days as -- said that these are ten different. Accusers -- -- for very concerned others may come for as well. Well of course he you know let's face it there's a money issue involved. Individuals now realize that Penn State is being sued -- -- already has been sued. The second mile program expended their routine knowledge now that's been published in the media. That usually zero in on Miller's alleged victims say the statue limitations on that has passed and that they have no interest in any money. Well we'll find out its interest saying that it did a lot of these -- -- accusers have attorneys. In criminal cases the attorney for the witness to complaining witnessed the alleged victim the accuser. There's a commonwealth attorney the district -- attorney general. I find it curious and almost all of these if not all of these accusers have civil attorneys. And yet you're telling me that they're not -- from audience that that's an interest and comment sounds like a -- trials coming up. It's going to be a tough trial and we know we have a big uphill battle to climb. But Jerry sandusky has made it clear he's going to fight this to the end. And what we're hoping is -- we'll get a fair shake by the time jury selection comes around. We'll be able to get twelve people who can fairly you listen to the evidence at trial. -- after which they can fairly decide this case it's all we've ever asked for George the -- thanks for your time this morning. You welcome have a nice day George.

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{"id":15152080,"title":"Sandusky's Lawyer: 'Going to Fight to the End'","duration":"3:47","description":"Former Penn State coach's attorney Joe Amendola talks to George Stephanopoulos.","url":"/GMA/video/jerry-sanduskys-lawyer-fight-sex-abuse-charges-end-15152080","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}