Sandusky Interview Outrage

Ex-Penn State coach says time spent with boys was "precious" and "significant."
2:32 | 12/05/11

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Transcript for Sandusky Interview Outrage
Out of the latest in the Penn State child sex abuse scandal former coach Jerry sandusky accused of abusing several boys he mentored. Has prompted new outraged by telling his story to the New York Times. His alleged victims have some vehement -- -- -- ABC's Jim analysts here with the details good morning mourning George the former Penn State coach. On the defensive on camera telling anyone who listen. I am not the monster prosecutors -- make me out to be well -- alleged victims of saying every time he talks it's like another punch in the stomach. Jerry sandusky has been seen often around his state college house and now he's been heard for a second time. Proclaiming his innocence and trying to explain. Is at the very least odd behavior with children to the New York Times behavior prosecutors charged amounts to forty counts of child molestation -- the former Penn State football coach allegations are false. I did. Do those things. Send ASCII submitting to a four hour interview some of -- videotape by the time. In it he explained his infamous delayed response when asked if he is attracted to children by Bob -- on NBC. -- sexually attracted to young boys. If I say. No I'm not attracted was. That's not the truth because. I'm attracted to young people boys girls. -- -- right I enjoy that's what those trends -- enjoys spending time with -- -- -- I enjoy spending time with people. In the interview -- dusty also claims to be a surrogate father just rough housing with his kids. Describing a closeness many find hard to justify or understand. The environment. Whose family. All the times were precious -- there was significant -- These were quote precious moments for hand in fact. They were -- the most violent -- read this unspeakable. Horrible moments for his victims. The New York Times reporter who sat down with sandusky Joseph Becker. Says he seemed -- easy during the interview but not suicidal. It's kind of dawning on -- a situation that he's in and just how much. Jeopardy faces. Why is he doing this his attorney tells me it may be an orthodox -- with all the horrendous publicity coming from the other side. He needs to counter with send us -- own version. So any potential juror out there it's both sides -- -- the -- doesn't seem to help themselves these. Couldn't get that answer right the second time he couldn't -- have a thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Ex-Penn State coach says time spent with boys was \"precious\" and \"significant.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15086348","title":"Sandusky Interview Outrage","url":"/GMA/video/jerry-sanduskys-york-times-interview-sparks-outrage-alleged-15086348"}