Jersey Shore Season 5 Underway

Snooki and JWoww join "GMA" to talk about the success of their reality-TV show.
4:29 | 02/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jersey Shore Season 5 Underway
While the Jersey girls are in that half Allison McCall -- people -- he and Jenny jwoww felt Farley are here with an update. And all things Jersey Shore season five well underway and there's a spinoff now in the works. We are predicting a lot of drama a lot of hand -- -- good things hi ladies and always good to see you know it's him so it. Let's just talk we were discussing off camera you've been you've been in the media little -- in the past couple days yes and you're not happy about it. I mean it's just like -- of emirates -- like I'm wondering what's gonna happen today with what's going on I think what you're what you're referring to yesterday somebody asked yes it as -- now last week I was lucky just yesterday she actually was engaged -- guerrilla. On others -- things out his pop up about a us why do you think people are prepared asking you. Questions about a magnet. Plugged -- their names weren't that inside innocent something banging and never said I was pregnant so I'm thinking like -- -- people -- -- -- fat or something. They did it -- kind. Yeah I bet you you were on the radio show yesterday again you were not pleased about it he had -- sacks his you know being pregnant should feel like you know I'm real saying -- -- happy saying an online and -- -- -- and my fitness fun so. I'm so what you say when when they sort of surprised you with that question unlike and I sadly today it -- and I think -- client and -- you know that's fine. And you're. Very protective yes I I know you were outspoken about it as well how how is it dealing with rumors about your friend in about yourself. It's just you know we don't care -- obviously like wildfire you have to -- Address them and -- get to that guess because I quit smoking. And caffeine. Like. Two months ago OS and they -- I was pregnant out of sight that you're I had two months ago out here around 1070. Zinni and we'll let the record straight because I want you to -- I'm pregnant but the -- -- -- -- -- but I definitely do you want kids on the I'm not pregnant. Well -- -- thank you for straightening that play yeah. He died yesterday your thing was really get any is painting a dire promoting it not only a new season you guys are in the midst of it again that UCL. All the time that and now we're we're hearing got to get a -- that -- is saying what's the problem with Hoboken. Delete SMS and done it would have been just nice that she met us first she -- Maris did -- there had type that you but -- -- again I want -- to shoot me dad if I should get indeed. A lot different -- Jersey -- it's going to be more of our relationships and on site. Not clogging and you know partying going wild just like I realize and I and we feel a little bit of that and that it's we are -- -- time that you think -- And during the show but yet we is a -- -- -- the Jersey shoreline there and it's. We'll go to town a trash tailored to suspect they would never went to Italy -- that we -- -- to Miami managers ensuring that that. We gonna help that we want to bring -- revenue profit and awareness and that's -- given her last show. So what's the big deal are doing -- -- That's like what. Baffles us and the leaders who was your response was their loss yet so that sent to -- -- let you know don't -- so we still hope look at. -- an awesome awesome -- pleasure slash. City Glenn -- want to have you found that city yet. We just yesterday they don't want us what happened -- -- for the boys think about the fact that you guys are getting a spinoff and the and the boys of Jersey Shore as yet or not. Some -- has yapping at Clinton -- -- is and I think -- Vinny is going to be doing something with MTV I mean everybody has on things you know we're happy -- -- happy -- sound. And and what about the boyfriends when we see them on the show this year that blasts of currency -- that obviously the -- highlights Iranians like my best friend. -- -- -- It's -- love is in the air and about -- is he okay. Panetta announced in we're -- having Adam back and you'll see the whole show. Chains. And go back tallies abatements is very exciting really give any left the show you guys you guys were sad not to have a -- You have become. A family. Not happy but I can't say is unassailable thinly innocence and plans yeah all right well what -- madness to come more GT -- home yet. All right congratulations on the new shout thank you Reynolds thank you for setting the record straight day of -- -- -- thank you came out and.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Snooki and JWoww join \"GMA\" to talk about the success of their reality-TV show. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15496915","title":"Jersey Shore Season 5 Underway","url":"/GMA/video/jersey-shore-new-season-underway-snooki-jwoww-15496915"}