Jessica Alba Helps Families Stay Chic and Healthy

Actress reveals tips and "mommy rules" from her new book, "The Honest Life."
4:29 | 03/12/13

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Transcript for Jessica Alba Helps Families Stay Chic and Healthy
right now because of our beautiful jessica alba. You know her, of course, from "fantastic four" and "sin city." Now these ataking on a new role turning green into glam as an author. Her first book, "the honest life: Living naturally and true to you" is a how-to guide on making families make chic and healthy choices. So happy to have you here. Thanks for having me this morning. Glad to be here. I was reading that this entire book and sort of your philosophy all started with a load of laundry. Yes. Will you explain. I had an allergic reaction to this quote/unquote baby detergent and I was like if this is making me have a reaction what will it do to my child? Right. And I did a lot of research and I pound out that there's lots of toxic chemicals in everything from baby detergent to shampoos and other cleaning products and so -- so it began. So it began and created the honest company because I was like families need one trusted company that has high quality, high performance products that don't have toxic chemicals. How do you do it and balance it out? Momma too. Very successful actress and entrepreneur with this very big company. Is it difficult for you? It's -- it's actually really exciting. You know, I feel like if I was put on this planet for anything, it was definitely to be the mother to my daughters, but saving families and saving children's lives to me that's everything. Just living more -- in a more healthy way and in your book, "the honest life," you get into style an beauty. Yeah. Even things that seem like, oh, I should have thought of that like the diaper bag. Yes, I just feel like I -- i wish I had a guide book. I had to learn the hard way, trial and error. Me too. Through, you know, a couple diaper explosions with my daughter out and about and i didn't have the change of clothes. I was like what do you really need in a diaper bag. In my book from what you need in a diaper bag to -- to diy beauty thing. I love that you're thinking about saving money. You know, living more healthy but also saving money and this is something you learned from your mom? And my grandmother, yeah, we just do -- we always did at home sort of beauty things. Fun. It is fun so you can just get olive oil and avocado and it's a great hair treatment. Is that what you're using because I want to slather it on. You don't put it on your root but from here down and then you heat it u this is a sugar scrub you do, two parts sugar, one part oil and then you can add vanilla -- great for taking off the layers of the skin that are dead. Your feet, your elbows, your hands, whatever you want to be -- a little demo. Caffeine, yogurt this is a face scrub. You can use yogurt, some coffee grinds then the coconut oil is in there and do you mind if I do a little -- go ahead. -- Demo? You mix it all up. Mix it all up. The ingredients are in the book but put this on your face. How long do you keep it on. For as long as you want really. What's the goal? What is the goal? It exfoliates and hydrates so it does two thing. Great. Obviously -- it's like stuff right out of your kitchen and it's awesome that you can put together your own little beauty spa at home. Also some great recipes which we won't have time to get to but ask about your two gorgeous girls. How are your girls and how is being a mom today? It's great. My 1 1/2-year-old is amazing and funny and saying new words all the time. And then my 4 1/2 yar-year-old honor loves being a big sister so our favorite family recipes are in the book. This is one of my favorite salads, watermelon salad with feta and mint and like the salad dressing that can pretty much go on anything, it's very basic, lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper and a little -- I like a little dijon. You can get all the ingredients and more recipes and great flea marketing -- oh, yeah. We have a shared love. Jessica alba's new book, "the honest life." Check it out. In book stores right now and

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{"id":18709098,"title":"Jessica Alba Helps Families Stay Chic and Healthy","duration":"4:29","description":"Actress reveals tips and \"mommy rules\" from her new book, \"The Honest Life.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jessica-alba-helps-familes-stay-chic-healthy-18709098","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}