Jessica Chastain Stars in Bootlegging Drama 'Lawless'

The Oscar-nominated actress discusses her role in the new Prohibition-era movie.
3:00 | 08/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jessica Chastain Stars in Bootlegging Drama 'Lawless'
She is one of hollywood's most sought-after accesses right now. And a beautiful person inside and out. She has earned an oscar nomination from "the help" last year. Now, you see her transformed INTO A 1930s GUN MALL. She's gone "lawless." Jessica chastain. And if they haven't seen you yet, they will be fans of this film, "lawless." It is riveting. Thank you. I think so. What drew you to the character? I love that time period, too. I love -- I am such a fan of costumes and that time period was so beautiful. I was drawn to the character because she is from chicago, she is experienced with men. And she goes on the run. And ends up in franklin county, virginia, with these men who aren't experienced with women, but very experienced with violence. It was a fun condradiction. I want to show a clip. This is when john hardy, another one of the bootleggers, is asking for a job. Is that position still vacant? Even if I ask. What's a lady like you want here? A city can grind a girl down. Get to a point when you start looking for somewhere quiet. So, shia said the cast, everybody was so passionate about this film. Guy pearce, we saw tom hardy. What was it like on the set working with this group? It was amazing. It started out, I was the only girl in this great cast of men. First week, it was like, this is awesome. They were treated me like a princess. Very gentlemenly around me. After a few weeks, when mia wasikowska, who is wonderful, showed up, it was so great to have that feminine energy. We got manicures immediately. It was fun. I was asking you, jessica, about life post-oscars. Has it just exploded? No. You said you were in the midst of something pretty magical. Well, I met you at the oscars. I was already starting to work on kathryn bigelow's film, "dark 30." After the oscars, the next day at noon, I flew to india, to start work. And I had been in jordan before. It had always been work, work, work. In this film, kathryn bigelow, "the hurt locker," this one is shrouded in secrecy. It is. It's very secret. You can tell us the main theme, right? It's about -- I know the ending. It's about the hunt for osama bin laden. The ensemble of actors are, across the board, fantastic. Kathryn bigelow, one of the best directors I've ever worked with. The script is phenomenal. My part was really good. So, I'm excited to see this film come together. When will we see that one? DECEMBER 19th. So many great things to look forward to. And "lawless" coming out AUGUST 29th. Thank you so much. I wish we could see the pictures. Check out "vanity fair," most stylish gal. And all-around cool girl. Thank you. Thanks so much for being with us. Check out "lawless."

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{"id":17048528,"title":"Jessica Chastain Stars in Bootlegging Drama 'Lawless'","duration":"3:00","description":"The Oscar-nominated actress discusses her role in the new Prohibition-era movie.","url":"/GMA/video/jessica-chastain-stars-bootlegging-drama-lawless-17048528","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}