Jessica Ridgeway Abduction Case: Hunt For Child Predator

Police investigate abduction of 10-year-old girl in Colorado.
3:00 | 10/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jessica Ridgeway Abduction Case: Hunt For Child Predator
We're going switch gears. Beginning with the breaking news out of colorado and the hunt for a child predator. Police are investigating an attempted abduction overnight, following the disappearance and murder of 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. No word if there is a connection yet. An entire community is on edge. Here's abc's clayton sandell. Reporter: In a community attempted abduction, just 12 miles down the road from where jessica ridgeway was killed. Someone tried to snatch a 13-year-old boy. His mom snapped a picture of this car. I think all children should pay attention to what they're doing. Reporter: There is sadness, anger, fear. This is horrible. Absolutely horrible. Reporter: That a kirl is on the loose. I want to stress that we recognize there is a predator at large in our community. Reporter: Jessica's dismembered body was found wednesday, seven miles from where she disappeared october 5th walking to school. Fbi profilers believe the suspect is male. Might have left work, changed his appearance or car. We're talking and conveying to the community the importance of looking at behavioral changes. Unfortunately, it's somebody's family member. A neighbor, a friend. Reporter: Dozens of worried residents came to tom for crisis counsel counseling. There's a level of fear and anxiety. Are we safe? Reporter: At the park near jessica's house, there is a growing memorial. All: Three, two, one. Reporter: In a community that desperately needs its spirits lifted, and a kirl brought to justice. For "good morning america," clayton sandell, westminster, colorado.

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{"id":17474309,"title":"Jessica Ridgeway Abduction Case: Hunt For Child Predator ","duration":"3:00","description":"Police investigate abduction of 10-year-old girl in Colorado.","url":"/GMA/video/jessica-ridgeway-abduction-case-hunt-child-predator-17474309","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}