Jessica Ridgeway Killing Linked to Failed Abduction

Police say the 10-year-old's slaying is connected to an abduction attempt earlier this year.
3:00 | 10/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jessica Ridgeway Killing Linked to Failed Abduction
We have a new twist in the case of jessica ridgeway. The 10-year-old colorado girl who was found murdered earlier this month. And police now say that her killing is connected to an attempted abduction of a young woman earlier this year. Abc's cecilia vega has the latest from westminster, colorado. Good morning, cecilia. Reporter: George, good morning to you. This could be the link that police needs to finally crack the case. They have a suspect description in both attacks. A light-skinned man between the AGES OF 18 AND HIS MID-30s OF Average height and build. Investigators believe the gruesome murder of 10-year-old jessica ridgeway is, without a doubt, linked to the attempted abduction of a female jogger on memorial day. There's enough information that's been uncovered through a massive amount of investigative work, for us to communicate and be public that there is a connection. Reporter: Police won't say what exactly the connection is. Only that the two cases may be tied to this lake. It's where a woman was jogging in may when she says a man grabbed her and tried to cover her mouth with a rag. She escaped and immediately called police. Kettner lake is also a few miles from where jessica fannished. And not far from the field where her body was found five days later. Dna would be the best-case scenario, to recover the cloth that the bad guy attempted to place over the jogger's face. Reporter: One bizarre clue police have confirmed this is small, wooden cross, found at one of the crime scenes. Investigators believe it belongs to jessica's killer. It gives me the chills. It's so close to home. And so many children live around our house that it could happen to anybody. Reporter: Now, a community that gathered by the hundreds to search for jessica, waits nervously for her killer to be caught. It makes it very scary to be out. Especially by myself. Reporter: Police have received nearly 10,000 calls and e-mails linked to this investigation. And they're hoping one of them leads to whoever killed jessica and tried to abduct that jogger. Let's get more on this from

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{"id":17551586,"title":"Jessica Ridgeway Killing Linked to Failed Abduction","duration":"3:00","description":"Police say the 10-year-old's slaying is connected to an abduction attempt earlier this year.","url":"/GMA/video/jessica-ridgeway-murder-girls-death-linked-failed-abduction-17551586","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}