Jessica Simpson on Baby Girl, Fashion Line

Singer reveals the latest looks from her fashion line and chats about baby Maxwell Drew.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for Jessica Simpson on Baby Girl, Fashion Line
we are back, now, with our very special guest host, jessica simpson. Her life turned upside down this year, but in the best possible way. Best possible way. The birth of her little girl, maxwell drew. Before we talk, let's look at what makes jessica jessica. ♪ I want to love you forever ♪ Reporter: We full in love with jessica simpson, the moment we heard her voice. ♪ I think I'm in love ♪ Reporter: In 1999, the texas native burst on the music scene, quickly becoming a household name. ♪ It's irresistible ♪ Reporter: Always charming. Always irresistible. And always evolving. ♪ These boots were made for walking ♪ Reporter: From actress. I think something bounced up into my undercarriage. Reporter: To tv personality, on shows like "the price of beauty." She turned entrepreneur and fashion mogul in 2005, launching the jessica simpson collection, a clothing and accessories line worth a reported $1 billion. And after making her mark in every facet of the entertainment world, this all-american glamour girl took on her greatest role yet, motherhood. You might have a couple bowling balls in that stomach. Are you sure you're not having twins? Everyone is saying that to me. Reporter: Giving birth to a bundle of joy in may, daughter maxwell drew johnson. Here is jessica. What a cute photo of maxwell there. I know. Her little bikini. She's a complete poser. She posed when she had her bikini on. You've come a long way since you were the young christian singer. You're now a -- you have a billion dollar business. You're a fashion mogul. Did you ever imagine whe you started out in the entertainment world that you'd end up here? Absolutel not. I just was singing. I had my fingers crossed, hoping for something big to happen. I'm still doing it, years and years later. But I think the proudest moment of my life right now is, by far, maxwell. She's my best accomplishment. You will start designing for her soon, as well. We will be doing baby. How did you get into fashion design? It's always been a passion of mine growing up. My mother and I would put different outfits together to go to school. I would always get best dressed. It was a natural segue into fashion. Just having this platform of a career. It was natural for me to -- you know, I would have fans be, i want to wear what you're wearing. So, why not put my name on it? Motherhood is coming natural to you. How is life now? I'm sure it's completely changed. Life has completely changed. My priorities are very different. Even my new york trip has been different. Like, I want to be in bed by 10:00. Sleep is the most important thing. I'm at new york, and I'm like 4:00 a.M. Not anymore. That's feeding time. Exactly. Maxwell's nickname is moon face. How did she get that name? We haven't called her moon face in a really long time. But it was when she was born. She looked like the moon to us. That's was the first thing we thought of. Who does she look more like? She is very calm. I think me and eric have a pretty calming presence about us. But she does have a little of my sister in her, I think. She has a little feistiness. You and your fiance, eric johnson, are you planning a wedding? We haven't ted planning. We know what we want. We want maxwell to be there and enjoy it. We're going to get her through the first, you know, month of her life. And then, we'll do it. You had a tough nine months bringing maxwell into life. When it comes to the media, they went hard on you. I had the final insult when i was in pregnant, when that guard said, twins? I see you got the same thing? I got quadruplets. I got octomom. I got it all. A lot of people put pressure on me while I was pregnant. And I was so excited about having maxwell in my belly that I didn't pay much attention to it. But now, after having the baby, I've had to really focus and start training. And I joined weight watchers. You're doing well. You lost 40 pounds, right? More. More. Good for you. And counting. I want to get to your brand-new fashion line here. You have a maternity collection. I think everybody deserves to feel fashionable, especially somebody that's carrying a baby. In fact, let's bring out our first model. She is pregnant. And she's from your new line. Look at that. She looks amazing. Sexy momma. Tell me what she's wearing. I love this cardigan. You can even wear it after you're pregnant. I think all of the shirts and the stripes, they're really flattering. I think flattering your belly is important. And the rauching. And the leggings are my favorite. I want to bring something out from your juniors collection and were tweens. Ladies, come out. Adorable. This denim jacket. And leopard, you can't go wrong with sweater. Sweater everything. Sweater leggings. I can't see the clothes because she's so pretty. Jessica, I understand you're going to get instruction our control room. We have a special deal on "gma." It's going to test your anchoring skills. Can you hear me? Yes. I need you to talk to george, now. You need me to what? Talk to george. Hi, george. Over here. What are we going to talk about? We're going to talk about the latest trend. You've got it done. You've got the tease. You've got the throw. We're going to turn to the

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{"id":17208049,"title":"Jessica Simpson on Baby Girl, Fashion Line","duration":"3:00","description":"Singer reveals the latest looks from her fashion line and chats about baby Maxwell Drew.","url":"/GMA/video/jessica-simpson-baby-girl-fashion-line-17208049","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}