Jessica Simpson's Extreme Baby Shower

Guests showered star with expensive gifts at a "Charlotte's Web"-themed party.
2:38 | 03/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jessica Simpson's Extreme Baby Shower
And now to the newest trend for Hollywood moms to be extreme that baby showers Jessica Simpson is the latest pregnant celeb to celebrate -- a lavish party complete live. A star studded cast left and rather expensive gifts. ABC's -- going through your takes us inside the new. Baby showers and station you can relates to -- outside give birth yourself yeah the pregnant -- do have great pregnancies are goksel. It's not that let you can't -- give birth but yes that's a new trend. We know that Hollywood royalties oil and pamper their -- celeb offspring -- over the top toys and clothes but. Now the newest trend is starting a bit sooner while they're still in the womb. Jessica Torre and Victoria all had won an extreme baby shower over the top parties with wild seems an outrageous gifts. Carrie Bradshaw. In Sex and the City would have. -- -- this would've -- it. In the new issue of people Jessica Simpson gives deet tails over Texas -- shower with a Charlotte's web steam. The -- snapped on Simpson's indulge in southern favorites fried chicken backing cheese and her favorite dessert -- -- us among the extravagant gifts from baby designer bathing suits -- dresses and pink cowboy boots that's. And baby girl already has bigger and better classes and most girls in America Simpson took to Twitter praising her all star party planners saying. It felt like a perfect dream thank you Mindy -- for the best baby shower any mommy could ever want -- -- -- -- So that's all I had to do is start designing and thinking of that that there are things we can do -- as their own extreme baby showers for a hot list of celebs including Nicole Richie -- Brooke Shields and Denise Richards I think this isn't time to get away with something whimsical. -- something that loved as a child. And it's not just the parties that are over the top white says celebrity moms often receive jaw dropping -- to. Beyonce is BS that Kelly Rowland got -- this 6200. Dollar crystal studded diamond bathtub her baby drew IB. -- -- An amazing. Gucci diaper bag filled -- Gucci shoes in -- And even Gucci pacifiers. So I also had carrots at my baby shower there'd be edible kind yes yes no angels or anything but this really has become a trend and it seems Jessica Simpson has been just very open about this pregnancy she's been enjoying it and relaxed over the -- -- -- -- the top then if you want to see more. You can check out the latest issue of People Magazine.

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{"id":15977541,"title":"Jessica Simpson's Extreme Baby Shower","duration":"2:38","description":"Guests showered star with expensive gifts at a \"Charlotte's Web\"-themed party.","url":"/GMA/video/jessica-simpsons-extreme-baby-shower-15977541","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}