Jewel Dishes on Motherhood, New Children's Book

Four-time Grammy-winner opens doors to her Texas ranch to chat about her new life.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Transcript for Jewel Dishes on Motherhood, New Children's Book
music, with a new children's book, cd called "that's what i do." And cameron mathison traveled to jewel's ranch in texas. The world knows her simply as jewel. The four-time grammy nominated gifted singer/song writer, was one of the most loyal fan bases in the music industry. But for a little more than a year now, it's another job that's been occupying most of her time. ♪ I can see your face ♪ Reporter: How has your series of motherhood changed in the 14 months. It feels like a christmas present you get to open for the rest of your life. He keeps unwrapping. And every day is a new, exciting layer. Reporter: I sat down with the star on her texas ranch, she shares with her husband, ty murray. You don't want to have nannies. Is that something you're sticking to? We had a child because we wanted to have a child. We don't want anybody else to have them. ♪ If I had the sky ♪ I made money. And what is that for if you don't take the time to be with your baby? It affords me that luxury. Reporter: That luxury has afforded her the opportunity to write. This time, a children's book with illustrations by amy june bates called requested that's what I do." The book comes with a music cd. Jewel calls the project a love note to her son. I wanted to write something that we could have forever as a keepsake. As well as to stimulate his imagination and teach him about riming. Reporter: Also a bonus when your mom sings the song that comes with the book. It's fun for him to realize, is that mom singing? At first, he had no idea. Reporter: She sounds like the woman that sings to me at night. All singers sound like mom. Reporter: Before america got to know dad, ty, on "dancing with the stars," for his paso doble or fandango, he was winning on his own, as a nine-time champion bull rider. Ty's like a hands-on dad. I read that he's in there, changing diapers. Yeah. Reporter: Forget about bull riding. Real men change diapers. Amen. Real men do change diapers. Ty and chase on their first horse ride. That's the kind of dad he is. He doesn't want to miss a thing. ♪ Your face looks like canvas ♪ Reporter: Actress, singer, song writer, poet, author, mom. What's the most important? Mom, without a doubt. I love my art. If I don't blow it, hopefully can I can do that the rest of my life, and still be a mom. ♪ I love you, you, you ♪

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{"id":17261451,"title":"Jewel Dishes on Motherhood, New Children's Book","duration":"3:00","description":"Four-time Grammy-winner opens doors to her Texas ranch to chat about her new life.","url":"/GMA/video/jewel-dishes-motherhood-childrens-book-17261451","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}