Jimmy Kimmel in New York for Hurricane Sandy

On location for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' in Brooklyn, late night host talks with GMA.
3:00 | 10/29/12

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Transcript for Jimmy Kimmel in New York for Hurricane Sandy
Jimmy -- You don't and that's okay I'm prepared for the storm you sure are a part of the extreme weather team -- -- Reporting live from Times Square the course Sammy stuck out his got a big sticker on him -- and it's ridiculous. I can't figure out whether this is the best day of his life for the -- there -- life. Actually about six hour -- so all week long Jimmy Kimmel Live from Brooklyn -- homecoming. You have -- the -- with the FBI know I don't know you know we've been planning this for like eight months and that we never really thought maybe they would -- be your hurricane -- when the centrum. And it's terrible because supposedly the storm is gonna hit exactly as I step on stage because she's figured taping at 7 o'clock tonight yes. Think that is that is peak period here and you know Kelly Ripken as they get she's very -- to -- easily fly the we're gonna have -- her down to something so what else you do to adjust to the storm. Alone just had a king in general they say the best thing you do the only thing you do release panicked and we and we went down in The Home Depot and bought a generator or flashlights and maybe but yet again I don't know what we're gonna do -- hold on opening we'll show up to see the show tonight haven't in my head that. You you know people are counting on -- you build it we gave them tickets they rode in they want to see the show. And I and the feeling on the go there tonight will be for people in those four people remarked parent has this is -- in the this is not quite the evacuation -- Now -- you have some chance. If you were gonna show up near some great -- -- this week Natalie killer report. David Letterman a lifelong dream that is a lifelong street from me if somebody -- David Letterman -- by the license it was a kid I used to. Right Late Night with David Letterman every book cover was my -- my license plate when I had my my first -- said late night. My birthday cake when I was eighteen years old simply I was obsessed with David Letterman. And -- good to stock and terrified he's always said no before but this time he's gonna do -- he'll while he said he's gonna do now he has agreed it. I mean really what better excuse than a hurricane to not do show. -- that is pretty good and they would still liked it to have come home I -- to impact your old house. I get a -- back to the house I grew up in in mill basin and it's you know like anything when you go visited it's very small. And the people who -- -- military that's me and my my mother used to dress me like a little fancy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The fact that. That's on my stupid enough in the road take the boy out of Brooklyn -- -- visited the family that lives there and they may be -- heroes a lot of fun. On and so we're gonna get to see some of that it would assure them on -- also Howard Stern -- will not see any unfit to be honest until. Preempted by this thirteen -- curse you -- What I'm gonna find the sandy I swear to god -- really you're gonna take no matter what that we and I think well not no matter what I mean if we're ordered by the police not to tape the show we probably won't do it you know but under the wrath of their -- of that I'm planning to be there I don't know anyone else will be there but I will be there. The show must still hasn't I don't know what ever Broadway what happened almost don't want -- cowards all of them. Thanks a lot for coming in this morning and get Jimmy Kimmel Live week nights at 1211 center right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"On location for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' in Brooklyn, late night host talks with GMA.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17588537","title":"Jimmy Kimmel in New York for Hurricane Sandy","url":"/GMA/video/jimmy-kimmel-hurricane-sandy-live-brooklyn-show-17588537"}