Joan Lunden Discusses Caregiving, New Book

Former "GMA" anchor, editor of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" stops by "GMA."
39:21 | 03/12/12

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Transcript for Joan Lunden Discusses Caregiving, New Book
-- ready for this. One of your favorite people one of ours for ever part of the team -- family is here the one and only shown laden dead how. It's a great this -- rate could be where you're seventeen years I know they knew or -- -- -- as might as I've got up this morning bit -- -- expect. -- -- how does for joining -- I don't know anything opinion had every reason to but the reason that you are here is that she ended at a new book it's called chicken soup for the soul. Family caregivers a -- -- stories of love sacrifice. And bonding it is a topic -- very close to your heart and yours as well suppose you know we both have elderly moms and you know the thing -- this is an age old book I remember interviewing Jack Canfield for this series and whoever knew that there would be. Hundreds published in the series but this time they asked me to actually co author of the book and I interviewed many many many. Experts in the field. I interviewed some celebrities but everybody was a caregiver themselves whether it was Leeza Gibbons or July could bury. Or whether it was Gail Sheehy who I remember interviewing here for passages. And then later she wrote her new book called passages and care giving him and when you go through these 101 stories Robin. You take -- so much information. But. I think it's a wonderful waited. To impart information to people. Through the telling of people's personal heartwarming. Stories and yours included -- alliance and how you began the book because. Your brother. Was -- Might identify diabetes and he could not take care of themselves to you put him what does your mom in an apartment -- your brother unfortunately. Passed away all of a sudden your mother's 88 at the time in the near have a little government OK -- -- do now how did you go about finding the right fit for your mom's. Well you know. I think I'm just like everybody out there we don't plan ahead. We know what's coming up my mind he was here many times that -- right here on the set. Now we're reading a book -- -- -- that's -- give you a couple little things. A really good thing to do with the elderly because they don't really live in our reality so much anymore they live in the past. And I make these wonderful photo books and you can just take photos don't think photos of your kids today because take photos of you when you were young and -- when your mom and dad first met and married and that you know my mom when I put these books in front of her. Shield -- go on for hours reminiscing and it's kind of like -- connecting. Her to her past. And when I went out when my brother died and I have the -- and living together. And I had to be planning a funeral I'd plan a new life -- my -- I'm finding a place for her to live. And to be fit perfectly honest I found this fabulous place. If my mom had been my mom -- twenty years ago. But the idea of going down and via social butterfly and the dining hall and entertain people in this great apartment. That wasn't her anymore that was in her reality she couldn't remember people it would frighten her when she would go downstairs. And you know it's hard to get parents to talk about their end of life. Issues but it's a very important -- the Seychelles an important if if you everybody out there this morning if you this year one thing. Start the conversation. Like at the next time you guys all get together as a family start the conversation with your parents and with your siblings you know grown adults and we don't want to face it. The parents don't want to talk about it. I'm hoping that people will buy this book and give it to their parents their parents won't read it and start understanding that the most loving gift they could give their children. Is to start this conversation and don't make the children. Deal with these tough complicated issues. In the time of crisis because you know I finally got a senior advocate. And they help me assess my needs. And figure out what should -- -- really be because I moved her around from place to place until I got professional help. Elder lawyers they can help you through all the legal issues. And you know through all of this -- become an advocate for the field and I was hired by a place for mom a place for mom dot com it's free to the consumer. You log on and what happens if someone calls you -- -- help you figure out. They help you face the realities. Of -- what your -- really needs and where will be safe for them. Parents want to stay in their own home but that's not -- is the best thing. -- alone they don't have anybody around it's dangerous. But it's tough navigating this journey but this book helps us yeah I tell you because we're going to have my -- been in a nursing home. Thankfully we think she's going on this weekend back home we're so excited but it's been a journey in a process and it's going to be ongoing. The lord willing and you know if nothing else when you read it you just realize you're not alone you're not alone in and you are -- -- -- limousine when we want. -- yes there's the little twins are seven and almost nine -- engaged getting married in August and if you work but Mike company travels all over the country with me. There is meant that yet to the -- and Sarah. She works -- brought bush is the assistant to the president network. And Jamie's and PR and their all of go getters. At that Lindsay -- -- on the road -- around the country we just came in last night from the Chicago housewares show luncheon in new idea -- -- because -- forever the health advocate I can't help myself you are nonstop and I always have a home here and thank you so I was coming on any violence from our right to her record and give my -- your -- a big hug for me give you get -- -- -- That to my mom -- -- in the fifth season watching this morning -- -- love being able to get the morning. And see me with like almost having me what they're there in California -- know which may affect them as -- specific go -- and.

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{"duration":"39:21","description":"Former \"GMA\" anchor, editor of \"Chicken Soup for the Soul\" stops by \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15901370","title":"Joan Lunden Discusses Caregiving, New Book","url":"/GMA/video/joan-lunden-discusses-caregiving-book-15901370"}