Is Your Job Giving You 'Office Bod'?

Yahoo Beauty Senior Writer Sara Bliss realized sitting at a desk was wreaking havoc on her body and was determined to make a change.
3:53 | 08/28/15

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Transcript for Is Your Job Giving You 'Office Bod'?
Time now to Yahoo! Your day. Do you feel like you're stuck in the office all day eating and working and then eating again and then not working out? You could be getting what some are calling an office bod. Ew. Sara Haines explains. ? Yahoo ? Eat up. Reporter: "The office," the place where the food demons come out to play. So much snacking and take-out not to mention poor posture and weight gain that come from sitting at a desk all day. If this sounds like you, then you're probably like so many of us suffering from a retched case of office bod. You get that poochy stomach. Your behind is kind of flat. You're hunched over. It's just what happens after sitting for hours at a time. Reporter: Yahoo! Senior writer Sara bliss coined it office bod when she realized working at a computer all day was doing her physique problems. I. Got into my bathing suit and thought, wow, my body is different. Reporter: You can combat it with simple exercises at the gym so sent some of our own "Gma" office bods to crunch fitness. A must do, planks. Tuck your butt under. Reporter: For that tummy, single leg toe touches. Our bodies were meant to move and we were meant to be active. Reporter: And nutritionists say if you're going to office munch, keep it healthy. Bring from home, popcorn, nut, fresh vegetables, things that are tasty but don't pack a punch. Reporter: Finally Sara says take a stand. I feel stronger being at a standing desk. Reporter: She's rallied the support of her co-workers for motor Vegas. We're trying to move more throughout the day and say no to cupcakes. Amy, I'm glad they have a term for it, office bod. We can all relate to sitting hunched over at a desk. At least some of your office work takes you out. I'm lucky in that way. Let's share some of the secrets now. We have fitness manager from crunch fitness Anita golden with moves she calls office bod busters and, Sara, you're going to demonstrate. I'm taking one for the team. First of all how many come in to you and say I can't find time to exercise because I'm in the office all day. Everyone says that. There's a lot going on, 12 plus hour days so very common. We hear it all the time. You have the solution. Sure, yes, I do. All right. So what kind of body does it work on, anybody? Anybody can do these moves. Do them at home if you don't have time to get to the gym or step away from your desk and do them. Some of the moves. The push-up and then the mountain climber. Get down into the push-up position. Hands are going to be close to your chest and you're going to pull your elbows back and go down into a push-up. There you go and back up and then you'll do a mountain climber. One, two, three, four. Push-up. One, two, three four. How many of these do you do? You can do at least ten of those and keep it going. So you can take up the intensity with the mountain climber if you like. That's your upper body. You also have something for your lower body. We have a lunge into a jumping lunge so step back into a lunge, keep your body upright and go back and lunge to the other side and then you're going to jump so jump. There you go. All right. You're getting the hang of it. How many of those should you do? At least ten. Do this every day it should take 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Yeah. And you've buffed the office bod that way. Absolutely. Thank you, Anita. For the top ten -- thank you, Sara, by the way. For the top seven office bod-busting moves head to our website at on Yahoo! Ginger, where are you? I'm right over here.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Yahoo Beauty Senior Writer Sara Bliss realized sitting at a desk was wreaking havoc on her body and was determined to make a change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33378101","title":"Is Your Job Giving You 'Office Bod'?","url":"/GMA/video/job-giving-office-bod-33378101"}