Job Killers: Don't Say That!

5 things you should never say in a job interview.
5:53 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for Job Killers: Don't Say That!
There's often a lot of focus on what is -- during an interview what not to say can be even more important. Rick -- is -- CEO of branched out of the largest professional networking service fees -- and he knows a lot about this and he's here -- spice things. You should never say in a job interview -- -- Victoria -- -- I don't claim you're going to help us to avoid some of those. Job killers of things that we -- say that sort of kill our candidacy before it even given -- ourselves a chance at an up first thing that you say is. We should never say to an interviewer so tell me about your company. That's right -- at the end of an interview. Off then you have the chance to ask questions you always want to have a question. But not that one you should have already come in with your research done plenty of sources out there the company web site blogs. In -- report he should have all that information already in your head prepared where you should ask. Is something like what's the vision for this company it shows that you are thinking about the long term. Opportunity here and also give the company a chance to maybe brag about themselves -- build some reports. And I'm always -- recruiters tell me that summonses what exactly you guys did you know what exactly happened here and -- really as a killer. Are right now that's right -- -- prepared yes exactly next you also. Warn that we really have to watch out for overdoing it with personal compliments. That's true you're there for a professional purpose you're not there to compliment them on their Sterger their hair or their tie. The way to impress them is based on your background. And how much you prepared for the interview so really focus on the professional not the personal. All right salary is always a very tricky what you want to know what the job pays but you don't necessarily want to. Asked how much does this position pay. That's right so we branch out where the large professional network. -- it would got a lot of recruiters. So we've been asking the recruiters. -- in preparation what to what bothers you have about the interview process. And consistently we heard. When a candidate is asking too early in the process about compensation. Or about maternity leave -- vacation time. You need to make sure you've establish -- -- -- right fit. And then later on you can ask about those different items. The recruiter wants to know. That -- here not just for your best interest but also for the companies as well so save those questions for after her for the second or third interview let's establish that you're the right fit first that's right. And that there's mutual interests that you get into the nitty -- -- number four on Wednesday don't say things like my house fossil is horrible we just didn't get along very well. That's right so we -- our millions of users on branch out. And we asked them. For advice and what they say it is accentuate the positive. And tried to avoid the negative. Don't say that you left her job because you've got fired here hated -- boss or you hated your coworkers leave the negativity out the door. Comment asking questions about maybe what's a culture -- here because maybe you're a culture that's just not moving fast enough. So accentuate the positive you want to go into a fast moving in. Type of pace and that might be the reason why you're leaving -- Your prior job but don't say it was because he -- your boss your co workers try to try to really focus on the positive during the interview process. So while sounds good what -- for the person who really didn't have a good relationship with their boss and some asks directly. Tell me about your last -- tell me about your relationship with -- -- -- sort of struggling to come up with. With something nice to say what do you -- in those situations. Well I think that the word choice and you use will be really important so maybe you like to work independently. And your boss didn't allow you to do that I would probably ask a question like well -- I'd like to have autonomy in my position. And you know is it's a type of role or -- the type -- boss that would allow me to have some autonomy. So that way to Canada can gain some information. About what it's like to work there. And also that does shed a little bit of light on why it didn't work. In the prior job but -- -- choices are very important because it can send up a red flag to an employer if you say I really wanna work independently. Especially in a team oriented type of rock Paper roll. So if you ask about autonomy that's a different -- choice second say a lot to an employer. -- it's about being. Smart and your feet so that you're able to deflected. Turnaround. On it and -- finally you -- most definitely we shouldn't ever ever saying no I don't have any questions. -- Yes you should always go in there with questions. You need to show them that you are entrusted you talked about yourself for probably half an hour in an interview. Let them talk about the company asked them again about the vision of the company. Come in prepared with questions just like -- prepared on the current state of the company asking things like vision and culture. Giving them a chance to -- which again -- that report but it also gives you more information about the company. You're trying to impress them of course but you also need to make sure it's the right fit for you so use that as an opportunity. To get more information about the company while also building that report. All right thanks so much Rick thanks for come in and thank you grants -- to -- dead and if you are looking for a job he should check out -- company branch out which can help you find. -- through your. Work just go to branch out dot com.

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