Jodi Arias Trial: Defense Claims Victim Was Sex Deviant

Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss defense's claims and their effect on the murder trial.
6:58 | 01/04/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias Trial: Defense Claims Victim Was Sex Deviant
of her ex-boyfriend, after he broke up with her. A shocking phone call she made the day after his body was found was revealed in court yesterday. We'll talk to dan and nancy live in a moment about the case. But first, here's abc's ryan owens with the story. This is detective steve flores. Reporter: Most accused killers do not reach out to the police. I wanted to offerny assistance that I might have. Reporter: But jodi arias is not most accused killers. We dated for, like, five months. And we broke up and we continued to actually see each other. Reporter: You're listening to a conversation between jodi and the lead detective trying to solve the murder of her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander. The conversation happened the day after his body was found in the shower of his mesa, arizona, bedroom, in june 2008. That was the last time you saw him. Right? You haven't been back in town since then? Not at all. Reporter: Jodi admits, that was a lie. Not only was she in his house that night. She killed him. She said in self-defense. ♪ O holy night ♪ Reporter: The soft spoken woman who won the jailhouse christmas caroling competition, wiped away tears as the prosecution showed the jury photos of his body. They say she stabbed him 27 times, slit his throat and shot him in the head. The defense says that travis was a sexual deviant that controlled her. You remember seeing an e-mail from mr. Alexander to miss arias, where he provides her a picture of the french maid outfit he would like her to don when she cleans his apartment. Reporter: The jury got a look inside travis' washing machine, where detectives found a digital camera. On the memory card, pictures of travis seconds before he was killed. And after the camera was dropped, a shot of jodi arias dragging his bloody body. A friend of ours was bed in his bedroom. Reporter: Police released 911 tape from the day travis' friends discovered his body. They already had a suspect in mind. He has an ex-girlfriend that's been bothering him. Following him. And slashing tifrs and things like that. And do you know the ex-girlfname? Her name's jodi. Reporter: For "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. Let's get more on this from our "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. And nancy grace. Nancy will be covering the trial tonight on hln. Let's begin, it's hard, knowing what we know now, more damaging evidence than that phone call that jodi made. You're right. We are going to have more devastating evidence. The state left off with a fingerprint expert on the stand. And what she really is a crime scene tech, to boil it down. She's going to lay out all of the physical evidence, that she is protecting the chain of custody. And she's going to give an overview of all the fingerprints they found. And when I hear that the defense is trying to bring up, he asked her to wear a french maid outfit. Please. If that was a crime, about 50% of american men would be behind bars right now. So, you get the french maid outfit. And you get the crime scene photos. You know, it is laughable. I agree with you. But I've got to tell you, I've prosecuted a lot of homicides, including mass murder. And when I look at these crime scene photos, it actually made me sick to my stomach because this guy has a mother somewhere. And she is seeing pictures of her little boy, now grown, dead, slumped over in a shower. And it's disgusting. You see the photos. And you hear her voice calmly lying. You have her on audiotape, right, first saying she wasn't there, at all. Talking to the detective, trying to be helpful, supposedly. Then, shortly thereafter, you have her on videotape lying in a different story. This time, saying, well, okay. I was there. But there were intruders. It's not just notes of a detective saying, here's what she said the first time. You have her on audiotape the first time, telling one story. You have her on videotape telling a different story. Now, you have her lawyer in court arguing something completely different. Self-defense. And that point that nancy brings up. Her lawyer in court laying out a lot of accusations against the victim. They are trying to effectively put the victim on trial here. To suggest that he wrote racy e-mails, that he wrote things about her in e-mails, that means he was controlling her, and therefore, it was self-defense. That's the problem they have. So, you have these e-mails. Where's the connection to self-defense? This is, as I said from the beginning, an effort to get a lesser conviction in this case. I think the defense attorneys know she's going to get convicted. The question is, what is she going to get convicted of? The accused sort of playing to the jury. She's gotten quite emotional at times, as well. Oh, please. Yeah, I know. I know. This is the thing. As dan was saying, he's correct to this point. She's on audio. She's on video. That was "inside edition" or "48 hours." She comes up with a crazy story that travis alexander was attacked by people all dressed in black. Econd story. She never cried during any of that. Miss sob sister turns it on when the jury is there. I'll tell you what is getting me upset other than what this victim lives through. Is that the self-defense theory and battered women zone. I have worked with battered women. And the reality is, she is claiming that he is verbally abusive. The old adage, sticks and stones. The first time we hear physical abuse is the incident where she slashes him. A smiley face slash, from ear to ear, ironically leaving a smile as his throat is cut open. Sticks and stones. It's not going to work on this jury. I'm telling you right now. And you said before, dan, her attorneys probably don't want her to stake the stand. But nancy has said she probably wants to, anyway. It depends on how serious they are about self-defense. If this is a real self-defense case. It better be. I think this is an effort to get a lesser conviction. I don't think they think there's a shot they're going to get an acquittal. This to me is to get a second-degree murder conviction. If that's the case, maybe you don't have her take the stand. Dan abrams, nancy grace, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss defense's claims and their effect on the murder trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18130449","title":"Jodi Arias Trial: Defense Claims Victim Was Sex Deviant","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-trial-defense-claims-victim-sex-deviant-18130449"}