Jodi Arias' Ex Was 'Extremely Afraid' of Her

Prosecutor in the Arizona murder trial revealed new details about the victim.
4:22 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias' Ex Was 'Extremely Afraid' of Her
But first right to that breakup murder trial, the prosecutor revealing wednesday that the victim said he was extremely afraid of jodi arias, not long before she killed him. We're going to talk to famous criminal defense attorney mark geragos about the case in a minute. First here's abc's ryan owens with the very latest on the case. Indicates that you are a sociopath. Reporter: Prosecutor juan martinez ended his brutal cross-examination of the defense's most important witness using murder victim travis alexander's own words, text messages he sent to a message to a woman who would soon kill him. I want to you understand what I think of you. And ended you are the worst thing that ever happened to me, correct? Correct. That is true in this case, isn't it? Objection. Sustained. Reporter: Over the last nine days psychotherapist alyce LaVIOLETTE TESTIFIED JODI ARIAS Was a victim of domestic violence. Ias admits she shot and repeatedly stabbed her ex-boyfriend in the summer of 2008 but claims it was self-defense. The prosecutor says not only was travis alexander not an abuser, he was the victim, long before arias reached for that knife. Isn't it true that mr. Alexander was extremely afraid of the defendant, jodi arias, based on her stalking behavior? He was afraid of her, yes. Reporter: Martinez says she showed up ininvited. Peeked in the windows to see him with other women long after they broke up and hopes painting her as a stalker proves she planned the murder and it was premeditated and she deserves the death penalty. You are biased in this case in favor of the defendant. Objection. Reporter: Up next they'll ask the jurors what's on their minds. So far in this case, their questions have often been tougher than the prosecutor's. For "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. For more we'll bring in criminal defense attorney mark geragos author of a new book "mistrial." You've been paying close attention. I have about. Do you think jodi arias has any chance at escaping a first degree murder conviction and death penalty? I do. Why? I think all of the expert testimony they've had, the reason that they had her up there for so long which is quite an unusual -- that she was a battered woman. A battered woman and just the fact they had her there for weeks and weeks so the jury would come to know her, had some kind of feelings for her. Whether they despise her or not there is something about the idea of putting somebody to death who you've gotten to know. I think that part of the strategy on the defense was, look, it's harder to do that. They may want to convict her. They may have -- what she did was terrible obviously but may have some understanding. While they may have made a case she was a stalker they did read extensive e-mails that were nasty and mean-spirited and over the top. There's been a lot over the top about the case. She's clearly over the top. Some of the activities that were going on between them and the tapes that you've heard that she made I think were over the top. Why did she keep those tapes. Why did she keep them? Obviously there was an obsessive/compulsive component and to some degree his, as well. Do you think martinez is doing a great job or do you think he's been bullying to jodi arias and the expert witness -- I don't unrstand. There's quite a bit of irony. You have a case with a female defendant, albeit somebody who admitted she stabbed 27 and shot on top of it but a prosecutor that is bullying her at the same time and then not so much her then the expert, as well. All right, we'll be talking to you more later in the show about your new book but interesting to hear your take on this case. Thanks. Now to george. Thanks, elizabeth.

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{"id":18931058,"title":"Jodi Arias' Ex Was 'Extremely Afraid' of Her","duration":"4:22","description":"Prosecutor in the Arizona murder trial revealed new details about the victim.","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-trial-update-defendents-extremely-afraid-18931058","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}