Is Jodi Arias Tweeting from Behind Bars?

Arizona woman has allegedly been tweeting and selling art while on trial for murder.
4:07 | 04/12/13

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Transcript for Is Jodi Arias Tweeting from Behind Bars?
We learned arias is tweeting and selling art from behind bars and the jury had plenty of tough questions for one of her key witnesses. Ryan owens has been on the trial from the start. So the jurors have some questions for you. Reporter: Those questions read by the judge sounded deeply skeptical of defense psychotherapist alyce liolette and her claim that admitted killer skoed jodi was abused by former boyfriend travis alexander. Did you ever see any proof that travis physically abused jodi? Reporter: She said she shot and repeatedly stabbed him in self-defense and the 32-year-old could face the death penalty if the jury doesn't believe her. She was paid $300 an hour and was portrayed as bias towards arias. Why have you looked at arias multiple times when there were breaks and sidebars, to meet eyes with jodi and give her a small, warm smile. Reporter: It turns out she's been pretty outspoken on twitter. Abc news confirmed this twitter account is really jodi arias. Her words dictated to a friend. She's using the account to try to sell her art but wries a lot about her life in jail. "God bless five-day weekends. No, I do not have a girlfriend. After everything I've been through it's amazing I'm not gay. She also has a lot to say apparently about the man who wants to put her to death. Prosecutor juan martinez who is very aggressive and not very tall. Those afflicted with little man syndrome taint society's perception of genuinely good men who happen to be vertically challenged. And this one "hmm, anger management problems, anyone?" Arias even takes aim at a frequent guest on "gma." Nancy grace who ridiculed her claim they are crooked finger is proof she was a battered woman. Actually nancy, that finger was for you. Have a nice day. This is the woman actually typing arias' words. She served time with her and is in the courtroom almost every day, talks to the admitted killer frequently. She says the media just isn't being fair to her friend. I wish I could just say wait a minute, you know, that's not true. Reporter: What would you say? I would say that's not jodi. Reporter: For "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. I'm nour nancy grace will have plenty to say about that on "gma." She's actually busy today but legal analyst dan abrams is here. Explain the strategy behind them. Unbelievable. Jodi arias has a twitter account. I mean it's so bizarre to even think about. There is no strategy behind it, okay. Let's be clear. I would assume her lawyers probably didn't know about it. Are probably very upset about it. And are probably going to encourage her very strongly to stop doing it because it's helpful to her defense. So I've never seen anything like this but then again the advent of social media -- I guess she's trying to sell her work to her followers. No law against that. Eventually I assume travis' family will sue her and that will end up with any of her proceeds, any income she earns going back to them assuming they win. For someone presumed innocent she can do this and try to sell her artwork, et cetera. On twitter. Meanwhile, this domestic abuse expert been on the stand now taking questions from the jurors and some tough questions. That's right. Not that that is surprising these questions are tough, right? These are very specific often disbelieving questions of this expert's account. But, remember, all jodi arias needs is one person so as we listen to these juror questions, be careful. Remember, the majority seem like they don't believe her. With that said, if there's a juror or two jurors who are inclined to say, you know what, this expert did make some good points, this kind of swayed me, that would be a huge win for jodi arias in the context of this case.

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{"id":18939081,"title":"Is Jodi Arias Tweeting from Behind Bars?","duration":"4:07","description":"Arizona woman has allegedly been tweeting and selling art while on trial for murder.","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-twitter-jodi-arias-tweeting-bars-18939081","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}