Joe Paterno Remembered by Penn State

Dan Harris reports on the legendary football coach's legacy.
2:46 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for Joe Paterno Remembered by Penn State
Now the Joseph Paterno the legendary Penn State coach died this weekend at the age of 85 and tributes are pouring -- Drew more than half a century Penn State he felt. A legacy that was shaken right at the end by headline making scandal as you know involving his top assistant -- ABC's Dan Harris are weakening here is there in state college Pennsylvania. Right now good morning -- They're have a good morning to you here it is the banner headline in the college his -- this morning reads simply Joseph Vincent Paterno. And at the Paterno statue behind me have growing carpet attribute. To a man who did so much here but in one -- case by his own admission. Did not do enough. Overnight a huge spontaneous. Gathering at the statue of Joseph Paterno and they left candles and cards. Footballs and flowers -- thousands of we'll -- -- -- figured grandfathers -- here. It's no secret that at the end of his life there was a pretty big scandal you think in any way -- overshadow his legacy. Not so those students and we're gonna run since Thomas I think -- county. He coached at Penn State for 61 years his motto is success would honor. -- uniform Coke bottle glasses wind breaker rolled up khakis and black sneakers. His claim to fame repeatedly turning down big money NFL offers -- I felt this is where I would be happier. And then I could do more good. But this past fall. The scandal -- send ST his former assistant coach for thirty years. Accused of serial child abuse Paterno had been told about one alleged incidents. -- pass the information along to campus officials but never told police he was fire through June. There's no longer -- football coach. -- -- -- The scene last night was very different this is the parents -- -- want to sound. As opposed to really don't like -- thing. Brian -- just nine days after he was fired Paterno was diagnosed with lung cancer in his final interview with the Washington Post. He was struggling to talk and wearing a wig because of -- hair loss from team up. OK good -- for -- reason. I'm and is considered -- -- -- free kids seventeen he brings. On Sunday morning 84 days after his last game Joseph Paterno died at age 85. Surrounded by his family. And -- as you know so many comparisons this morning to the legendary Alabama coach Bear Bryant who died one. After his final game.

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{"id":15419233,"title":"Joe Paterno Remembered by Penn State","duration":"2:46","description":"Dan Harris reports on the legendary football coach's legacy.","url":"/GMA/video/joe-paterno-remembered-penn-state-15419233","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}