Joe Paterno Will Retire; Speaks to Crowd

Legendary Penn State coach asks well-wishers to pray for molestation victims.
3:18 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for Joe Paterno Will Retire; Speaks to Crowd
Let's get right to that incredible scene of -- -- and statement that rally last night at Joseph Paterno -- home coming at the school has now launched a new investigation overnight. In that growing sex abuse scandal ABC's Dan Harris is still there live in state college Pennsylvania force again this morning good morning -- Hey Robin good morning to -- members of the Penn state board of trustees held an emergency conference call well into the evening ABC news has learned. They were unable to make a decision on the fate of Joseph Paterno but his support appears to be eroding any decision could come as soon as today. -- tomorrow. Overnight an extraordinary scene outside of Joseph Paterno -- The. Hundreds of students -- engaged in an exuberant show of support. But he also turned his attention to the victims in this case. In addition. When we've Hanson. More victims. -- -- -- seventies many -- from sixteen. To three. We brave men and community. Wounds not. Those kids and he has. Well listen. Afterwards the students moved from return as house that it can't it's time maintaining all the attention needs to. -- -- -- through this morning. -- people who think he. Don't photograph. I think he did the right thing at the bit of -- -- sold to build. But others -- others. Disagree the scandal centers on this man Jerry send desde Paterno is former top defensive coach. Now accused of sexually abusing eight boys unfortunately. Not in a position I can make any statements. Paterno was told about one of send us these victims he reported it. To campus officials. But not to police -- question nineteen tonight we'll. And critics say that is a -- that should cost Paterno his job. Joseph Paterno knew about it. And did the minimum I think he will go soon. And I think he should -- soon. With the turn those fate hanging in the balance and the campus of flame. With complex and sometimes conflicting sentiments. Yeah. Instead of the emotions even spilled -- -- live television with former Paterno player and current ESPN analyst Matt Millen. Tearing up I get mad. And it's. Pretty disturbing. Incredible scene there also this morning we're hearing that the scope of the investigation into Jerry's and dusty is expanding ABC news has learned. That the Pennsylvania state police are taking calls for more people who say they too were victims. Meanwhile we're hearing -- -- -- asking is under a new court order that does not allow him to be alone. With even his own grandchildren.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Legendary Penn State coach asks well-wishers to pray for molestation victims.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14912779","title":"Joe Paterno Will Retire; Speaks to Crowd ","url":"/GMA/video/joe-paterno-speaks-crowd-gathered-home-14912779"}