Will Joe Paterno Stay as Coach?

ESPN's Jeremy Schaap discusses if Penn State football coach can keep his job.
2:27 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for Will Joe Paterno Stay as Coach?
-- -- -- Joins us you're just getting back from Penn State. Yesterday and its many reporting that Joseph Paterno his resignation is imminent there are a lot of editorials calling for his ouster as well as the president there. At Penn State what do you think we're gonna hear in the next 614 hours -- -- Well as Dan said last night the board of trustees was meeting not in person on the phone there are indications that it will meet again today in person. Tonight on campus to discuss the -- of Joseph Paterno the -- of the university president -- Spaniard. There will also be meeting on Friday a public board of trustees meeting that will be attended by the governor of Pennsylvania. So right now Joseph -- his future is very much. -- very much in doubt after more than six decades of Penn State after 45 years as a head coach. For the most revered figures in all of college sports and respected this. You know if this were happening Rabin to coach -- be different and reputation to be very different kind of stories so much of the anger disappointment. It is the result of the fact that people expect more from -- -- They have been so squeaky clean and all those decades if he's been there at Penn State. Wouldn't we expect to hear more from him though he risk. It's quite vocal always salt last night and then it was quite telling to a lot of people he didn't say alleged victim be so let's pray for the victims. Yeah I I don't know how much we can really read into that although he has indicated before that he believes that. What was brought to his attention in 2002 was factual graduate assistant at the time. Mike Cleary who came to him and told him that he'd seen something disturbing -- -- shower evolving Jerry sandusky Paterno said in the last few days that people who were -- told him. Which raises further questions about the turn -- actions in the immediate aftermath of what he was told. But you know you have to wonder right now -- -- Joseph Paterno as head is so much is swirling around him. And you know maybe there's a little bit of a disconnect meaning doesn't fully understand the gravity of what's going on -- -- -- beating Nebraska on Saturday which is editor. Held a press conference and say it was just that talk football of people like Powell came right that was gonna happen in the university president. Canceled the press conference -- Jay Paterno indicating that he was disappointing that decision. We are possibly -- going to hear from him today off -- is there there have been. Reports that his sons -- arranging off campus press conference we'll see what happens Jerry thank you very much for your insight.

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{"id":14912825,"title":"Will Joe Paterno Stay as Coach?","duration":"2:27","description":"ESPN's Jeremy Schaap discusses if Penn State football coach can keep his job.","url":"/GMA/video/joe-paterno-stay-coach-14912825","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}