Joel Osteen: 'I'm Naturally Shy and More Reserved'

Lakewood Church pastor shares plans to 'get outside my preacher's outfit.'
4:25 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for Joel Osteen: 'I'm Naturally Shy and More Reserved'
Lakewood 43000. Members the largest church in the United States. -- television and seeing around the world several different countries how do you explain where you've -- your ministry to. No my parents like a great foundation a think I'm -- some of the seats that they've -- I think probably more practically. -- my message is not geared just toward a church audience -- try to reach people that were raised like me. In fact about half the people that watch us -- come to our fans don't go to church. But -- I found most people they desire to have a relationship with god -- feel like -- something bigger. And so I'm not necessary -- their you know pushing religion I'm talking about how to live a great. Live now soon -- supporters many people see you is the Norman Vincent. To your critics. Though they talk about yours is a prosperity ministry that you were focused on people building their material well -- -- -- -- -- I think it's fair but -- although I don't feel like you don't get that prosperity gospel I don't silica. -- purposely don't talk about money because you know people already skeptical TV -- so. I feel like in my mind us talking all about money but I do talk about god wants -- to be list. To -- prosperity is haven't -- in heaven hell heaven great children have been peace you know good relationship so it's not. It's not about the money tell tell her. Viewers something about you that the average person the average supporter of Joseph hosting -- now. In one area in me -- do you pick like this on the things I say about that topic that you're better athlete than your -- Must you wouldn't think I'm still carry the scars but he gave -- festival he's got a sheet of movement. I think what people probably wouldn't know is that I'm naturally very shocked. I'm more I'm more reserved. Walk into room and I'm not the center of attention that you took of June when a platform -- TV again must be. But it's not this is not necessarily -- natural personality is more. Laid back in war you know I'm going to removable from the two people -- know or -- I think it was Johnny or something like that so I think that's part of that threat and -- injured here for the for an active enough -- of this for instance so I think -- and -- You know that other thing that. I don't -- a real live a very balanced life. She -- to not love the workout play basketball on -- on I think. You know you're not just spiritual your spiritual emotional and physical I think sometimes we don't take care of all three. I don't know if I'm going to be played on the weak Q&A at this time to workout during the week kept some time -- have recreation. And not just you know kids just -- One dimensional and think you can be best you get it you get with it balanced. You are very disciplined person I noticed how how does your discipline plan this fact that you say you are shy man normally. Do you are you nervous when you can go on stage -- and if -- how to -- -- and -- I'm not as -- -- not just a little -- and -- -- at the church -- but -- I get past it now -- being prepared take you know wind -- To prepare and lead in studying come up with fresh material so. You know -- and for the weekend and -- Thursdays and Fridays to write my sermons. Saturday's -- over at Saturday night descended to deliberate so it's a place of for a five day process and dumped on to -- you get up there is so easy and so. Well -- -- since it is but it's it's I'm I'm prepared to when -- stepped up there. Speaking to one person or you know hundred million dead matter this is going to be the best I can be. Is in many ways -- off Stanley dispatcher your mom is still actively and bawl hear hear your siblings. And in your children your your son and daughter know that they travel with you Victoria brought to it -- you spread your ministry. Do you see them carrying on the mantle of the way you've taken from your father and taken someplace that they may some day. I hope they do in some -- I think they should they shown a desire to be involved. I wouldn't get up on the platform when I was their age if they'll get up and sing in front of thousands of people and so. You know that warms my heart but again -- prayers always until supersede anything that we've done. And I'm not gonna put him in a box -- Mano with the administration that you can you can touch a lot of people and other ways to.

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{"id":20473667,"title":"Joel Osteen: 'I'm Naturally Shy and More Reserved'","duration":"4:25","description":"Lakewood Church pastor shares plans to 'get outside my preacher's outfit.'","url":"/GMA/video/joel-osteen-im-naturally-shy-reserved-20473667","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}