John Legend's New Album is a 'Celebration of Love'

The music icon sings about life and love on his new album "Love in the Future."
1:19 | 09/05/13

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Transcript for John Legend's New Album is a 'Celebration of Love'
He's back with us to kick off our fall concert series. And a sang from his new album, "love in the future." And john legend with us right now. Good morning. "Love in the future" released tuesday. Getting rave reviews, especially for the ballads, which you're so known for. And you waxed philosophical about where they came. A special place in your heart. Tell us about that. I'm at an interesting place in my life. I'm about to get married. I'm in love. And I'm writing about, you know, what it feels like to start something new and look forward to it and have that optimism. And the album is kind of like a celebration of love. It's beautiful. I want to tell everybody, the song you're going to sing is "all of me. And the lyrics, I'm assuming, are inspired by your love, chrissy, your fiancee. Obviously, you love someone -- in the song and the whole album, the romance, and soul and optimism and hope. It will make people feel good to buy the album and live with it. Well, I know you've given that advice to one of your fans who said, how do I become more romantic? You said, put on john legend. Exactly. That's what we're going to do

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{"id":20163785,"title":"John Legend's New Album is a 'Celebration of Love'","duration":"1:19","description":"The music icon sings about life and love on his new album \"Love in the Future.\"","url":"/GMA/video/john-legends-album-celebration-love-20163785","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}