John Ramsey Reveals the Real JonBenet

Father of JonBenet Ramsey discusses tabloid coverage concerning his family.
6:02 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for John Ramsey Reveals the Real JonBenet
Now an inspiring new book from John Ramsey he is the father of Jonbenet Ramsey. Little girl's murder sparked a media firestorm that almost consumed the lives of everyone who loved -- he writes about -- all of his new book it's called the other side of suffering. We're gonna talk to John in just a moment but first here's ABC's juju Chang. It's Jonbenet Ramsey as you've never seen her a fresh face six year old with her -- celebrating the holiday -- But this is how the world saw her highly coiffed people make -- The tragic child beauty queen it's not the way her dad remembers her -- here Aaron. Shorts and T shirt here kind of scruffy and this kind of -- kid. It was Christmas time 1996. Jonbenet's family finds a horrifying ransom note threatening to killer. But soon John makes a shocking discovery in the family's basement when -- founder it was a rush of relief. And then of course within moments I realize that she probably had. But -- -- of my arms. Within hours the boulder police Begin treating the ramseys especially John as suspects. Investigative leaks fuel a media frenzy I had the point for -- today. Cameras outside of our house for -- here probably did tantalizing clues of footprint a broken window some DNA evidence spark wall to wall tabloid coverage. It would take twelve years before the boulder DA's office completely clears the ramseys and issues an apology. But not before John's reputation is ruined a thriving business no longer -- And his wife patsy dies of ovarian cancer do you ever think that the killer of Jonbenet is still out there are -- years. He's either. -- better president John with his new wife Jan lives quietly in Michigan. -- this room. That master rebuilding is a constant theme. But no one would blame you for being angry and later and I was for at -- time but you can't stay there is damaging to you. As a person or Good Morning America -- juju Chang ABC news New York. And joining us now is John Ramsey author of the new book the other side of suffering and the father of Jonbenet Ramsey tells the story of his journey from grief. To grace it is so good to see you thank you mr. Mir I introduce him to break that I read your book over the weekend and it was so touching. Can really moving and I didn't realize that for years before. -- today that you lost a daughter your dad's daughter in a car accident and you were dealing with that. -- yes yes -- that was tough it was. That really was. A changing when my life when the death died from hand. Challenge my faith -- it seems like all that you. Had gone and airlines that you have accomplished all that you have lost it comes back to that Christmas in 1996. That is Cendant in chilling detail. In which you describe. For John. The message in this book that that I took away his sentence of my momma said we -- we all have something well have so I think we've gone through. -- and that and your friend in the -- city or point. Do you feel what your. Your best days are ahead of you wouldn't at first your -- you are you well we and I wasn't being bitter sarcastic recycled a silly question how could that be and he said well you need to get two point. We believe they are. You're right. That's the definition of -- how do you get there it's not easy. And because it tears me up until that point have told us happen in my life my hope was based on its. Properly -- things a bigger house so -- your job -- nicer car. Those material things when that's taken away and -- when -- each child is taken away. You're never gonna. Get that back in your life so how do you then have hope. And it's not easy but you have to get -- can't. Gentlemen you have -- avenue family and has something that is now you just have to do you just keep putting one foot in front of the other ten times when that he can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I love hate public Johnny B John McCain had an answer nicknamed Johnny be a learning reading a book was because of the of the beauty pageants -- hand right. There's so many of those on reality shows right now notice yeah that would give your thoughts and. -- well you don't judge in Jonbenet in passing did that for fun. Patsy was had just come out of Bloomberg cancer treatment and I think -- -- -- just how long she had to live. How much time kids spend with a child. So -- tried to -- a lot into. -- -- And I -- They if the perspective they just took on it was it was just fun and ten -- to joke that. -- -- to lose a few of these. Can contests understand that you do lose in life you don't always win the but so they get their perspective is right but I I saw an element -- competitiveness that I thought was unhealthy. And if there's -- -- because you like the talent down competition and there was a -- that you got back after her. Her death and he carrier within -- You have this idea of -- This admits -- was -- usually significant thing to me in that and you carried in your wallet to this day -- aware of from the little ring. -- -- through but. It's Germany and one that president. Talent participant and now I usually -- should tell the council worry about whether you the -- repayment -- and she came. Up to me I was late for the show. She'd won this medal and she gave it to sedan when -- -- -- -- that was about. Five days before she died and so after she died. I thought to myself I want that medal and I didn't tell anybody. And her sister my my sister -- Pam went to your house to gets close force came back to sit down and was felt compelled to bring something. And she. And their -- -- him and -- and then everything botnet it was huge Republicans really powerful to help a lot of people -- hopes of that was intent Al investing going for thank you around thanks it's.

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"Father of JonBenet Ramsey discusses tabloid coverage concerning his family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15909334","title":"John Ramsey Reveals the Real JonBenet","url":"/GMA/video/john-ramsey-reveals-real-jonbenet-15909334"}