Celebrity Stylist Accused of Stealing Salon Secrets

Lawyers for John Sahag Ltd. say complicated hair-coloring formulas are center of lawsuit.
4:16 | 07/11/13

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Transcript for Celebrity Stylist Accused of Stealing Salon Secrets
one hairy lawsuit. A is a lan that caters to jennifer aniston and j. Lo, charging that a renegade employ stole trade secrets, the recipe to color hair. A hairy situation, indeed. We're talking about a stylist who is now entangled in a legal battle over -- ding, ding. Over dahairdos and hairdon'ts. And one of the hairdon'ts was taking her old clients and the secrets of hair color to another salon. All of the years we've seen brad pitt, jennifer aniston and jennifer lopez, go from blonde to brunette. But now, the salon who claims to style the celebrity locks in the past is seeing red. John sahag limited, hair salon to the stars, is taking a former stylist to court. The company claims when reyna garcia left in june, she took top-secret hair color formula cards. Some stylists or colorists do not want to reveal what their hair colors are. It's the fair of replicating. Reporter: Throughout the court documents, the color formula cards are referred to as the keys to the business. And the road map that came into existence after consultation with the customer. The 5-by-7 cards, lists the name, addresses, telephone numbers. And precise color formulas. Information sahag limit considers a trade secret. Is it too much to expect to memorize each person's formula? Yeah. Reporter: The salon says she stole the customers. Garcia and john sahag limited declined comment. But attorneys for sahag limited said it's unlikely that garcia committed these to memory. Because the cards contain different formulas. Levels and tonal direction. Even how much shimmer or gloss was needed for the air. It's science, art, cooking. A bit of this, a little of that. Reporter: It's a big -- it's one, big, complex formula. The suit alleges that four clients have told them that the firmy garcia works called them to tell them their apointment had been changed and they should go to ferretti for the upcoming appointment. We have dan abrams here. And dan, I think sam and I might know, we go to colors. But who owns the cards and who owns the formulas is key here. The judge is taking this seriously. Making an emergency order was entered saying you can't use those secret proprietary formulas in the future. It's hard to see how they're going to enforce that. If someone would come in. Can't they take the phone and just taken pictures of all of the cards. Absolutely. And who would know? There's no question. How are they going to enforce the idea. But a judge has ruled -- this the an emergency order. So, the trial is still to come. But emergency order which says you cannot u these special formulas. If she were able to show she came up with the formulas. Sure. All they're saying for now, and they're going to say we di't steal your stuff. For now, the court is saying you can't use the exact formulas. But you can go after the clients. Anyone who gets their hair colors, that they don't go to another salon because you don't trust them to mess with the color. The idea that they're calling clients and lying to them, that's a real -- that's a problem. If that's happening. But putting that aside because they deny that. But even if that's not happening, it is an interesting question, right, about someone going from one salon to another. And as you put it, they can just take their client. They become valuable, the colorists then. They are. It speaks to business in general. I think it's trade secrets, business, and moving to other companies. It's like any other business. We could go on this all day.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Lawyers for John Sahag Ltd. say complicated hair-coloring formulas are center of lawsuit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19636748","title":"Celebrity Stylist Accused of Stealing Salon Secrets","url":"/GMA/video/john-sagah-limited-salon-accuses-employee-stealing-secrets-19636748"}