'America's Most Wanted' Celebrates 25 Seasons

John Walsh talks about his show moving to the Lifetime Channel.
5:40 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for 'America's Most Wanted' Celebrates 25 Seasons
Now -- our friend John Walsh for more than two decades after tragedy struck his own family he's been solving crimes and saving families on America's Most Wanted. -- -- with us to mark the launch of the -- 25 season but first a quick look back at the difference it's made. You know what will go wherever it takes finest hour. Over 1000 episodes almost 12100 fugitives captured. And 61 kidnapping victims reunited with their families all thanks -- one man. Good evening from Washington DC I'm John -- and the groundbreaking show he created. America's Most Wanted has led the way in finding some of the world's most dangerous criminal. Unlike convicted murderer David James Roberts featured on the very first broadcast in 1988. Within four days police made an arrest. Thanks to your phone tips David James Roberts from one of America's Most Wanted. -- behind bars tonight just days before his 1981 trial for the brutal murder of girlfriend Holly Maddux Ira Einhorn jumped bail and fled to Europe. Police found -- there -- sixteen years later imperative that it -- -- -- power inaugural activate doctor. Why don't you go back. They're going to get a fair trial -- travel to France to confront Einhorn and kept the heat on him until finally in 2001. France agreed to send Einhorn back to the US for trial. Yes he's -- he's extradited Einhorn was convicted a year later. One more example of how one man can make a difference -- profile -- the bad guys you keep taking them down. And John Walsh joins us now 25. Years that is -- lifetime. And good lifetime had a lot of wonderful experiences and spent most of that was fox and now I'm going to life -- -- what's the most important and it's going. That one person can make a difference that the vast majority of people are wonderful and good. You don't hear about them -- the silent majority and we've caught almost 12100 fugitives because people had the guts to pick up the phone and say. I wanna help that victims get justice or that guy should be off the street seems like every day we come across another case that is so difficult to solve and you know we've been doing -- People's Court. Story Michelle Parker the missing mom now for several. Days and finally her ex fiancee named. As the prime -- -- -- this your first show absolutely we're gonna profile that -- now as you know today he's been named the prime suspect because he refuses to take a polygraph. I mean if you had nothing to do with the case you don't refused to take a polygraph they have twins together you say I'll do everything I can even -- -- in a little. Contentious relationship I didn't do everything to find the mother of our twins so. He's the number and we learned he had the habit of dropping or from the woods -- -- shoes on is the I I think his police work one on one I think they just waited until they had enough to say you're the guy and not now we've got -- finder and. The odds are that she's probably not alive and one place where they don't have enough evidence to hold the guy Gary Giordano down in -- in. Jail for more than a hundred days lot of circumstantial evidence but they didn't have the good. It's like to Natalee Holloway case all over again I mean look what happened was that -- and now he's in jail and in in Peru for murdering another girl. They never were able to indict beyond Vander -- because they couldn't find the body and I think this is the same case this is my own personal opinion this guy lured this woman down there. Took out an insurance policy honor. He's just lucky they haven't been able to find her body and they have to cut him loose because they don't have without a body there's no way they know they can't go they can hold on there's not enough evidence he was Smart enough not to leave any evidence in my mind there's no doubt. -- he probably killed this woman and he's gonna get away with it and the other what we've done we've spent a lot of time on this missing baby -- -- -- -- -- Kansas City and this one. Has been so difficult to figure out because we can't seem to get a clear story from the parents whether they're cooperative with the police not cooperating with the police. You know. You and I've talked about this before. When when my son Adam was missing thirty years ago I would've stood out here on Times Square naked if I had -- and took the bullet form I would have traded my life for his. Any parents that has a missing child should cooperate with police yes you can get a lawyer to protect your -- -- a good thing. And our -- -- to 27 years to solve Adam's case because of police made huge mistakes and covered those mistakes up. You keep going on New -- tells -- -- all the questions you win every day and you run the search from your house. Two weeks Adam was missing -- I never slept friends came we borrowed money to give to people to keep searching you keep searching if you had nothing to do. With the disappearance of your child you're there at that police station every day saying what can I do to get this baby back -- starting -- lifetime Friday -- we look forward to this season. Oh well I I'm thrilled to be -- lifetime you know I had long run with fox and still doing some specials for fox and I think the people lifetime really get the show. I'm doing some same old stuff some really really tough cases them. A mother. And a wife -- Friday night at 9 o'clock we'll be our biggest case. Who police say ordered the murder of her husband and left her three kids just took off after she was indicted. So they'll be some tough case is -- case here in New York City where a father. -- visitation -- -- two year old child and they found that child in a car seat in the river two days ago will be doing that case I think we're gonna catch that guy so. I'm looking forward to going to lifetime Friday -- -- different night for me George but I think. I think people watch and help -- -- and has agreed to hear 25 season John Wallace thanks very much thank you George.

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{"id":15046620,"title":"'America's Most Wanted' Celebrates 25 Seasons","duration":"5:40","description":"John Walsh talks about his show moving to the Lifetime Channel.","url":"/GMA/video/john-walsh-americas-wanted-celebrates-25-seasons-15046620","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}