Johnny Cash's Son Reveals Father's Personal Life

John Carter Cash's book, "House of Cash" explores side of singer rarely seen.
6:02 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Johnny Cash's Son Reveals Father's Personal Life
Johnny Cash an American original and music giant whose timeless voice and unforgettable sound we'll be around forever. But while He -- a household name throughout the world we've never really know much about what made this complicated man -- Until -- This screaming fans -- the ninety million records sold. And -- last good. This. Blue wool -- gums and roll back clear unmistakable. Voice. Just a little home alone these are -- never before seen home videos is a Johnny Cash and. Me -- below. Private moments of a very public man. You. Millions of fans cash with the man in black could -- -- -- -- -- Am reminded us to avoid them bring -- five. Okay. I have heard my -- so. Cash died in 2000 parade. After a late July his opponent -- sounds. Headed 2005 a new generation was introduced to cash they would walk the line of biographical -- of -- -- addiction and redemption. Thanks for the love of his wife June Carter. Now the couple's son John Carter cash is opening a window to an even more personal side of -- bother. -- letters and family photos. -- all part of his new book in house. -- cash. And we are happy to welcome the author of the house of cash John Carter cash is here with us John I gotta say. This is a wonderful. Wonderful thing you. -- -- a matter of inspiration you know my father's life what. In so many ways was an open book I think so many people out there might have a conception of -- that He was a dark and foreboding figure in some ways and you know this book to me shows a much deeper view into my -- real life is hard. You know it's about love it really isn't it's about respect and trying to pay homage to great man -- any kind of it -- -- in doing that and also it's really -- book I didn't get a diploma has some recipes. Family recipes how -- -- go about. Compiling all this -- want to wanna do it now. Well after my parents passed away it -- it became necessary to go through their things and go through the storage vaults and there were piles and piles of junk there was also -- course and they're great treasures and through that process it you know it became. That -- became sort of a mission from you know in my heart to want to share. This deep view of my father in a way that I felt like -- never been shared before. It that the book is full of his -- writing -- I mean I wrote the text myself but in reality his -- is there more. The mind and his artwork -- artwork you know He -- He had great creativity that was you know beyond just a singer songwriter. He had -- was an amazing artists do you know sketch sketch artist and also. Great photographer. You know poet summer holiday at the Renaissance man yes man so -- do you want us to learn about your dad through this book job. You know hopefully the reader will come away with with a better understanding of my father's. Gentle nature. You know and the fact that that there's you know that He was deeply spiritual movement. Family man you know great great love for first family that never faltered great faith the state with him and that He was persistent man. In -- because at the end of his life He was suffering from great pain you know and struggle. And even after my mother passed away He never stopped He continued working continue to make music. It was healing -- to do so much I mean He did not stop. It was quite a love story. Yes and your mom and dad Anderson beautiful letters did -- here but you're also quick to point out that they have their issues and I think that's part of the story to for people can truly know how that word again. Yet they have their issues that they definitely did end you know. It it perhaps maybe it may be that folks feel like -- was happily ever after after 1968. This case but but it was happy after everything. They stayed through it all. And their love remains strong and was stronger -- than -- ever had been at the end of their lives and part of history I believe is due to the fire that it's -- it's due out on the road with a lot He wants and -- yourself young man. So. Sheriff what is share lasting memory. Being out on the road. During those days the -- that. You know I remember the good times are you know my parents were always there for me there they were always there emotionally. And and spiritually I mean -- of course my father had struggles but it. But you know it's times -- hit my father would take -- fishing you know room. Or we would -- -- then you know different cities going to museums and whatnot and in my young memories stay with me so true. You know I'm -- miss him -- every day hostage but for the same time I'm blessed. With being able to see -- here you know and with being able to do this book became re acquainted with my father so many ways his intimate side. -- -- Cut out Valentine that He did from other fast life and it's mostly the you know thank you for sharing your -- with us and thank you sharing them with this. Look as well can be proud yeah. Amanda black -- there's a big lecture evolution -- in -- -- and that's a little bit yeah I know how proud you are of them may have you thank you very much for sharing this thank you for having me. House of cash.

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{"id":14760449,"title":"Johnny Cash's Son Reveals Father's Personal Life","duration":"6:02","description":"John Carter Cash's book, \"House of Cash\" explores side of singer rarely seen.","url":"/GMA/video/johnny-cashs-son-reveals-fathers-personal-life-14760449","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}