Johnny Depp Fashion Icon

Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
2:05 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Johnny Depp Fashion Icon
-- we started Johnny Depp. You know -- -- do designer labels instead he reportedly prefers vintage clothing to greet his iconic cola which has been described as rock and roll pirate meets Victorian vanity. And yet his bohemian look -- earned him the CF DA's highest honor naming him their 2012 fashion icon. And since he is known for taking on the persona his latest role look for shades of -- in depth becomes the first man -- received this honor in June. Did go -- just let the proverbial cat out of the back -- while being interviewed by the London evening standard recently the Oscar winner. She's seven her daughter Kate was already -- agreed to English rock star Matt Matt -- What do you know. As far as the public knows the couple has been engaged only since last April that the baby boy named Salem. It it's true so we like to say congratulations. To Kate. Justin Bieber needs your help he's asking fans to help them choose the cover art for his next single boyfriend. And what do you want to do is tweak your choice between two options the first Kerry's seat on the -- Justin staring straight into the camera bouncing that thieves made. The second shows were -- thieves looking. Off to decide -- in case you're wondering robbing your right on what the the first option wing violent -- according to obvious site. -- turned -- come -- how much cutting edge you know I'm. Josh thank you want your vote annually until next Monday that's when the single through the coming out the other one you've gone out on the contrary yeah. Captain contrarian. I thank you people I can't believe -- -- Finally exit could very funny. George Clooney did get jail time this -- Arrested with -- seven year old -- for crossing police lines at the Sudanese embassy in DC -- protesting. And humanitarian crisis in the African country. No special treatment for the Oscar winner either so -- he choose for his one at final call the hottest girlfriend Stacy -- not a public says -- George called mom. -- George told a reporter from TMV. Some things never change -- assure you that's what that's why we love them. It where things.

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{"id":15952658,"title":"Johnny Depp Fashion Icon","duration":"2:05","description":"Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/johnny-depp-fashion-icon-bieber-fans-15952658","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}