Jon Huntsman Dropping Out of Presidential Race

Republican will pull out of the 2012 race and is expected to endorse Romney.
1:51 | 01/16/12

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Transcript for Jon Huntsman Dropping Out of Presidential Race
The politics in your voice your vote and breaking news this morning -- just five days to go until the critical South Carolina primary Jon Huntsman is dropping out of the race. And is expected now to endorse Mitt Romney. Huntsman -- had high hopes but those hopes and his candidacy are now gone ABC's John Berman has the story. This -- Jon Huntsman. I'd say third place is a ticket to -- -- -- -- Former Republican governor of Utah and ambassador to China under President Obama -- could not make inroads with conservative voters. Clinton's plan endorsement of Mitt Romney is a stunning turnaround do you trust governor Romney. He has not put forth reason to give us a reason a reason for us to trust him. In now for Mitt Romney it's not just that he has high profile endorsements on inside. Also -- -- Superman. The only way that a Massachusetts moderate. Can get through south Carolina's if if the voters split. Take a look at this poll Romney has a huge lead in South Carolina then headed Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum but using simple arithmetic. New plus Rick. Equals mix some conservatives see this equation in are trying to coalesce around one anti Romney candidate. This -- in 100 evangelical leaders endorsed Rick Santorum. -- out there fighting for these causes for a long time and even looking for someone that. That they can get excited about. What -- left the Jon Huntsman campaign is now school rubbing the negative videos and statements about Mitt Romney from its web site. That's politics and he told -- overnight Huntsman didn't want to stand in the way of the candidate most prepared to turn our economy around and he says defeat Barack Obama. -- and such on this field windows is -- --

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{"id":15369984,"title":"Jon Huntsman Dropping Out of Presidential Race","duration":"1:51","description":"Republican will pull out of the 2012 race and is expected to endorse Romney.","url":"/GMA/video/jon-huntsman-dropping-presidential-race-15369984","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}