JonBenet Ramsey's Father Breaks Silence

Father confronts his regrets in new book, 'The Other Side of Suffering.'
2:20 | 03/18/12

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Transcript for JonBenet Ramsey's Father Breaks Silence
Jonbenet Ramsey the name conjures memories of a little girl's life cut hideously short. Her parents and her brother the chief suspects in a murder case that dragged on for years now jonbenet's father opening up about his regrets and his anger. In a new book called the other side of suffering. Here's ABC's -- check. Okay. May -- it was the eerie images of the six year old beauty queen maybe it was the unsolved mystery. But the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey transfixed America. Point for -- today. Cameras outside of -- house for -- here. It began the morning after Christmas 1996. John and Patsy Ramsey woke to find a bizarre ransom note. But by nightfall John made a horrifying discovery in their own basement. I tell people the worst moment of that morning it was not finding her it was realized she was gone and taken. When I founder it was a rush of relief. And then of course within moments I realize that she probably -- had. But -- -- of my arms. Within hours the ramseys especially John felt they were being treated as suspects. What is that like living under that cloud of suspicion at the time we were so crushed by the loss of per child that it didn't matter. The footprint of broken window DNA evidence all tantalizing clues that fueled a media frenzy unlike nearly any in modern journalism. You feel. And now. It would take twelve years for the boulder district attorney using new DNA procedures to completely clear the entire Ramsey family. And issue an apology. But not before his wife patsy lost her battle with ovarian cancer. His finances and the family's reputation seems beyond repair. Yet all these years later he doesn't complain he only gets outraged at the thought that the rush to judgment may have left the real killer get away. If we find this killer and then and other children murdered. Lay the blame squarely on the boulder police that's something that you can't let go lightly now. Now that's a failure. Hand I hope that's not the case for a man who used to employ hundreds of employees. John Ramsey now says he's learned to love downsizing. He says years of healing and praying have helped him get past hopelessness and despair. No one would blame you for being angry and editor and I was for a time -- absolutely. But but you can't stay there hand hand because it's it's damaging to you as a person. And that gets back to this forgiveness concept it's it's a gift he had yourself. Politico. Forgiveness may be about letting go of your past but John still holds tight to the happy times. -- She came running up to this'll Melancon had -- this for -- and her on the neck. So -- -- -- in my wallet. Yes well he's worked to rid himself of the bitter in favor of the -- for Good Morning America I'm juju Chang in shall -- Michigan.

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{"id":15947967,"title":"JonBenet Ramsey's Father Breaks Silence ","duration":"2:20","description":" Father confronts his regrets in new book, 'The Other Side of Suffering.'","url":"/GMA/video/jonbenet-ramseys-father-breaks-silence-other-side-of-suffering-new-book-us-15947967","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}