Joplin, Mo., Family Surprised With Home Makeover

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" tells the Howard Family they'll get a new home.
4:49 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Joplin, Mo., Family Surprised With Home Makeover
That -- -- we are going right back to Joplin Missouri the -- family got together surprisingly light. And champion Ty Pennington airs at right now. Hey good morning Georgian c'mon get that bus and we got to let me -- -- -- a little bit while I tell you some about the Howard family. In this house behind us right there is where the Howard family has been staying because their house was completely destroyed is a matter of fact as we told you in the peace. Kyle has a firefighter when He was on duty when the tornado moved through Joplin so He didn't even know that his family was alive and OK for hours after that hit. Because He was out helping other families and they miraculously. Survived in the only part of the house that was built anytime you're ready to go we already are -- -- yes sir we're ready this is my this is big I've never done this before our very articulate OK -- -- We're gonna need to get McCain -- to -- -- he's getting everything you position. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Turning and we get that camera separate for the show because remember we're shooting just like how the -- here goes here I've tried many aren't. -- -- -- -- -- The entire dealers through big overhaul tradition has now just -- up that badly. So good morning how are -- -- I'm -- by the way. You're -- -- using all of -- get what you until that's OK. So I'm. Compared to joke America so now you're you -- firefighter job and are still are probably right -- Now did you have any idea that there was an entire crowd of people with about fifteen cameras and a -- waiting outside your door -- -- No idea that broadcast to millions of it. A lot of Good Morning America so you're getting -- to shows and want. Now so many of your friends and family lost their homes and M and -- -- lives lost here as well so. As happy as this moment is it's been a difficult five months for you guys can -- kind of let everybody at home know. What it's been like in this community. You -- it's been incredibly difficult. Five months and yet we we've all pulled together Joplin is amazing. Would come together and help each other people came out of the woodwork to help each other. Heatley didn't expect to see -- like this could. Equipment and a shot and -- start helping and that's happened over and over and over so it has been. Funeral painful five months He has been an amazing -- we'll Alitalia -- one of the. Things you and -- were talking about the bus this morning this is exactly what television should be doing it's what shows like yours. And hours should be doing and I'm so glad that we're doing it together now tell me a little bit about the other families involved here as well. Because there's like 7UP the other seven different families really building seven homes in seven days what what is truly remarkable as is just. Like these guys have been through so much in everybody's lost so much but just here in the compelling stories everyone's really helped each other -- -- really -- death. To rise up and and rebuild and that's exactly why we're here I am so glad we're part of this and one of the things they're gonna do is launch a weather balloon with a camera on it so in real time you can write him basically. Rebuild everything around that town because a lot of these homes -- in the same area everybody congratulations good morning. I didn't want to give argue as opposed. Thanks for letting us like wake you guys. Standard regarding get everybody out of bed this morning thank you guys so much folly and anti and the -- thank you for letting us be a part of that this morning because this show -- win we Wear taping -- I think it's that's a good -- wait wait wait if it. If it's -- 200 show titles and and so we're actually getting the word you do it you will take everything that happens this week and Foreman fallen to a -- now you're gonna -- seven homes in seven days into one broadcast I had no idea -- I don't what is what is really amazing about this and it -- is a milestone is something that you know this show is really sort of designed to do but but we're doing something we've never done before. But I think in this community this is anyone it was phenomenal thing we've ever been. Able to be part and -- so we'll be following you guys this week as well we'll talk a little bit about we'll even show you. The right here on GMA some of the things they'll be doing throughout this week of rebuilding the town. Congratulations sir nice to see you guys and we are very excited to be here this morning. That and of course what we are back live next week for you for that move the ball pretty well. I think you've -- -- -- -- so not only are we standing here before -- we're sitting here after.

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{"id":14768393,"title":"Joplin, Mo., Family Surprised With Home Makeover","duration":"4:49","description":"\"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition\" tells the Howard Family they'll get a new home.","url":"/GMA/video/joplin-mo-family-surprised-home-makeover-14768393","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}