Jose Baez On Client's Release from Aruban Jail

Lawyer made famous by winning Casey Anthony's freedom discusses Aruban case.
3:47 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Jose Baez On Client's Release from Aruban Jail
Latest now from Aruba is scary -- Donna's attorney Jose Baez -- say thank you very much for your time. This morning I know that you and your client are about to. Leave -- -- your right there in front of the airport are you concerned about any last minute issues that will prevent you from leaving. No because I I think we should have clear this all up from the justice spoken. Gary Giordano is a free man and I think even the solicitor general who has been. Somewhat of an obstructionist throughout this process has even admitted. That Gary is free to go there is no evidence against him. His detainment is dropped. So he should be free to for the plane and not have any issues and it's not like we're making a fast getaway he's a free man. He's been waiting for months for this moment -- describe for us -- emotions. Those first moments of freedom. You know it was almost. Surreal moment for him -- it was not something that. -- keep -- himself he certainly couldn't believe it because. He had been lied to so many times by the authorities here. The last time he came to the airport he was told he could lead. And then all of a sudden he was picked up arrested so. Throughout this entire process he didn't -- one -- by the authorities and their actions have been. The complete opposite and I and I think there is a bit traumatized over that whole process and so I think. It's somewhat hard for him to believe that he's actually Korean going home. And if need be is he prepared to come back. Oh well -- or certainly planning not exactly planning to come back were hoping that of course this is the end of it. However -- you know he's he's not running so it. If they have a legal basis to require him to come back he's gonna come back very -- -- home he has an established business. He plans on trying to reassemble his life he doesn't plan on going on the run so certainly that's what's required that's what feels he's gonna do. And we heard him talk and his children on the phone last night after. His release there there is a question that -- a lot of people's minds Jose and that is the million and a half insurance policy that he took out. Is he going to try and collect on that at this time. You know -- is really starting just. Get his life back together again. I think that's the farthest thing from his mind what a lot of people don't realize is that the reason he made the initial claim. Was that beat his attorney at the time with a personal injury lawyer. Dealt with the insurance companies the one who recommended that he did there's. He got extremely poor advice from his lawyer -- wasn't -- criminal defense lawyer and didn't exactly recognize or appreciate the situation that he was in. And then just made the situation. -- much much worse for him. So what's next for him when he returns here to the US is he going to attempt to contact Robyn Gardner's family at all. I know what he plans on doing is immediately. Spending some time -- his kids. Let's the most important thing to Gary. He also wants to but some time with -- family. And and and thank them for their support beyond that I really don't know I know he and Robin where we're close friends. I don't know whether he knew their family but I I'm I'm certain that he's concerned about her family is actually brought that up on a number of occasions. What he plans on doing beyond spending a little time with his family I really couldn't speak for Verizon picked up a -- -- a problem -- family this morning to. Jose -- thank you very much as the -- -- from the airport -- about -- -- back here to the US would appreciate taking the time to speak with us this morning. Thanks for having me Robin.

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{"id":15054459,"title":"Jose Baez On Client's Release from Aruban Jail","duration":"3:47","description":"Lawyer made famous by winning Casey Anthony's freedom discusses Aruban case.","url":"/GMA/video/jose-baez-clients-release-aruban-jail-15054459","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}