Josh Button is the Sexy New Diet Dr. Pepper Guy

Josh and Paula talk to the newest spokesman for the diet soft drink.
3:55 | 05/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Josh Button is the Sexy New Diet Dr. Pepper Guy
Say we welcome our very special -- I know -- I can't help but notice I can't help but notice the ladies and. Ladies in the house looking awfully took -- -- -- wonderful. Three -- wonderful Doug Melvin especially. What. One -- -- -- -- second follow why didn't you introduce our various -- us who are very special guests come on over come on now. And he would continue into next. Hello I'm Andrew Cooper the new diet a Diet Coke action China just. Don't know about -- -- John idea yet. The that was the probably zesty Italian yes yes and how -- have to go Diet Coke guy in the zesty Italian guy we have Josh button. And he may not realize it -- won't -- -- her diet doctor pepper guy. I want -- you're still -- -- Josh yeah that's not a crash let me just stared reports. I don't have to die -- -- can I -- just isn't what I wanted to do the -- Prior to shooting -- the day of shooting. -- you last had a meal win prior to that end and definitely had a diet doctor. Out of view -- an -- we're selling here. Does that bit that Drake are for the little bit about what you can't have a -- with a -- back you know -- many times I've been passed. I haven't been able to -- -- Not yet stopped now so I'm sitting there so where it was shot in Miami Beach that was it is it I mean when you find out that you're going to be. Diet doctor replica. What like what quite a surprise him is definitely unexpected that's amazing so. Are you you uncomfortable with what I mean is it is not -- just walk. I think that -- -- just awesome isn't limited territory the is that all his jeans and I gotta tell -- I told Steven Tyler today you know I ever came back at first I thought it was going to be there -- for the Dodgers. -- it was going to be a rock star. I think -- combat the -- have been. -- Not a -- I had are you ready for. He feel like the notoriety. At all you know that that you're going to be like there goes to -- -- been well received it's an awesome. Yes he has -- ratings have them but good things -- when they first pitch this idea to you topless you know that they're basically selling your body real pain -- that. That part was easy -- -- -- script then how is gonna come across of his that -- -- come across the satire more if it is going to be this guy is just that -- So unbelievable probably isn't the worst thing in the world doesn't hurt them -- in the control would like to know which bars you can have them yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- In New York Miami needing like the -- oxygen -- easy. Stupid people asked for the -- Steven Tyler right now we have Jack and me and again I mean honestly it is our gifts to the Internet -- Internet television. Josh. In closing I -- -- it's ninety degrees outside sure we keep you like that two million I don't know note. No quite the -- should be one -- yeah. Clinics and you don't actually here you know what. Can you can throw one of these on time I'm just guessing you can. It's every music every what I -- and I'm primary in nineteen -- the penguins -- -- -- -- lot of you know. Him hugs and. I don't know -- -- away you look away but no opinion about this earmarks everybody. Every -- dashing in my -- a team that garrido looks terrific -- and that the white. -- -- -- you can by the -- of the diet he and I want action not he is not for sale. That is she 300 dollar. Just I don't get -- many ideas and let -- yeah.

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{"id":19287487,"title":"Josh Button is the Sexy New Diet Dr. Pepper Guy","duration":"3:55","description":"Josh and Paula talk to the newest spokesman for the diet soft drink.","url":"/GMA/video/josh-button-sexy-diet-dr-pepper-guy-19287487","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}