Josh Groban on Rock 'n' Roll Influences on New Album

Singer discusses the grunge era's influence on his new album, "All That Echoes."
1:28 | 02/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Josh Groban on Rock 'n' Roll Influences on New Album
But I want to talk to you about your new album. Sure. I want to hear a little about the rock influence that sort of is creeping into your life. Well, we made this album after we had been on the road for a good year. And so, we really had a very live energy on the road. And working with the amazing producer of this record, rob cavallo, who had had green day and a lot of brands. Basically it was to bring the edge of a live show on to the record. It is not a rock record. But we liked the energy of that. We had fun. And weren't afraid to open up into new territories. You did a great interview, i thit was for "details." And you talked about growing up in the grunge era. Do you ever try to go to that direction? Only at karaoke. That's when I have too much cough medicine and take on the pearl jam. My voice does not do grunge very well. When I was listening to that stuff as a kid, I would try to sing it. And it would come out the way i sound, which is ridiculous. So glad you're singing the way you are. Me, too. It worked out all right. We've seen you host talk shows. You're acting. You're singing. Is this still your first and most important passion? Music will always be 100%. I wanted to sing since I was very little. The acting thing came about first because I was so interested in theater and musical theater. The fact that some of the comedic stuff has happened has been a surprise. You're so good. You're so funny. It's easy when you have props

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{"id":18419486,"title":"Josh Groban on Rock 'n' Roll Influences on New Album","duration":"1:28","description":"Singer discusses the grunge era's influence on his new album, \"All That Echoes.\"","url":"/GMA/video/josh-groban-interview-gma-singer-discusses-rock-roll-18419486","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}