Josh Powell Believed to Have Killed Self, Kids

Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer discusses the tragedy in Washington.
3:04 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for Josh Powell Believed to Have Killed Self, Kids
More now we -- to -- county sheriff's spokesman detective Ed Trier -- good morning and thank you for being here this morning. -- based on the. -- -- message that we've received a we've heard about we still yet to confirm that came from him. There's nothing leads us to believe it didn't come from him in all the evidence and seen and what happened here. How horrific it was and how fast it happened it was done intentionally and we believe Josh Powell murdered his two sons and then killed himself. And it was done intentionally and that there's nobody else. -- Josh Powell had just days ago lost his bid for custody of his two young sons do you think that was the precipitating event in this there was or something brewing in the Utah investigation. Into the disappearance of his wife. -- case is complicated and that this part of our case you know we've got -- -- in jail and west valley's working the case what is disappearances wife -- working together -- them. There's a lot of aspects this case I could've been weighing on him. But you know -- -- anything different than him losing custody was expected to get custody. So that may or may not have been a contributing factor and we may never know because there was nobody has come forward yet that -- talked about this -- holding body what its plans for Freddie is gonna do something so dramatic and so drastic. The case worker who took the boys to house is clearly traumatized by this event she had taken -- -- the -- before to the house. How exactly did the case worker gets separated from the voice. Well it's not a matter she's not there for security or to make sure she's there to supervise -- visit it's not her job to. Fight for the -- -- Russell for the kids with. Josh her jobless to visit. Supervise that make sure that everything went okay it's happened before and hadn't been a problem. And Boyce went up to house. They went outside he locked her out he'd been cooperative in the house and within a couple minutes the fire started -- got bigger house -- she called -- -- Banged on the door tried to get in. Called neighbors and did everything she -- so there's nothing she could done any different that was stopped us. -- your sheriff last night called this quote an active evil it is one thing to kill yourself it is another thing. To take your two young children with you. -- out salute correctly we have a lot of deep water that are hurting we have a lot of detectives and people that are close to the -- in her close to the kids who have worked with them. While these incidents in the going on in investigations been going on it's one of the most horrific things you've ever seen. When it comes down to it all this work goes into this and then Josh goes -- -- like this. I think a lot of people it's not gonna come to grips with the for a while. I imagine not and what an unspeakable loss for -- handling of Susan Powell her parents who had custody he's too young boys who've lost a daughter and now. Two grandsons. And the community and -- the community and -- is really close in the community halls. And are supported of these kids those a lot of people in the community are heard as well. All right detective -- thank you so much for being here this morning under these terribly tragic circumstances. Thank you.

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{"id":15520603,"title":"Josh Powell Believed to Have Killed Self, Kids","duration":"3:04","description":"Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer discusses the tragedy in Washington.","url":"/GMA/video/josh-powell-believed-killed-kids-15520603","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}