Josh Powell Explosion: 911 Tapes Released

Calls were placed by the case worker escorting the children to their father.
3:04 | 02/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Josh Powell Explosion: 911 Tapes Released
Now to the dramatic 911 -- revealed from the Powell family -- to those chilling calls made right after Josh Powell's house exploded into an inferno. -- -- -- acre Chris Cuomo was there on the scene and has the latest for us this morning good morning -- Good morning Robin the more we learn about what occurred here and in the Susan Powell investigation. The more we learn none of this needed to happen. -- We've got the. It's just after noon on Sunday this frantic caller to 911 a social worker witnessing the unspeakable. It's a moment of crisis when she tried to prevent moments earlier in another call to 911. After dropping off Josh Powell's two sons -- supervised visit everything. It happened that I think how -- that can't. -- not let -- -- -- -- the call lasts seven minutes the operator asking her name the color of her car ignoring her urgency. I -- -- right away and the -- is saying that I lock in bill. I doubt that non-GAAP fully well let me and. In a by the book approach she's told officers can't respond immediately and -- to respond to emergencies like. Situation -- OPEC -- could be. -- -- we know now inside a crazed father is butchering his children and setting off an inferno ten gallons of gasoline. How that you haven't made out to open the door -- One apple academy at 7701. -- -- -- the -- I pay. Instantly a flood of calls from neighbors. Fire broke -- -- I'm. Firefighters take just three minutes to arrive at nearly the same time Powell's sister Alina is also calling 911 terrified. She's just received his final voice mail. You know. They don't look outlet when I'm sorry to everyone I've heard. The. -- he took their lives he won't get to keep them. The boy's grandparents are planning their funeral for Saturday in their only measure of relief is that the boys or with their mother now. The family believes Robin that this was an admission of guilt by Josh fell. And Chris police are now saying that Susan Powell's disappearance are now labeling at -- A homicide. There and it's a key development because if that it happens sooner the family believes Robin -- might have had a better case for custody. Keeping Braden and Charlie away from their father keeping them. From this -- And so many believe Chris thank you very much and we'll have much more from you on the Powell family tragedy on a special. 22 points Friday night 10:9 central here on ABC.

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{"id":15536821,"title":"Josh Powell Explosion: 911 Tapes Released","duration":"3:04","description":"Calls were placed by the case worker escorting the children to their father.","url":"/GMA/video/josh-powell-explosion-911-tapes-released-15536821","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}